Why India is so densely Populated?

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It has not been hidden from anyone that India is very populous country. Today, People are living in every corner of India, indicating that there is no dearth of people.
Not only this, Railway Station, Shopping Malls, Airport also gives testimony to India’s population and this shows how much population is there in India.

If we talk about statistics then according to 2011, India’s population was about 1.21 billion and till 2018, India’s population has reached 1.36 billion. This country’s population is moving so fast that it is being estimated that 2025 Until India will leave China behind in terms of population because China’s population at present is 1.42 billion and its birth rate is less than India. It is not so, India don’t want to control its population or government is not taking action to control. Indian Government has also taken a lot of policies and initiated family planning and welfare program, But despite all this, it has not been able to control India’s populations as much as India should have done so far. Let’s know what are the main reason behind so densely populated in India?

The main reasons for population growth in India are-

1. Higher of birth rate- The birth rate in India is much higher than the mortality rate, and the reason for this is that before 2 or 3 decades the mortality rate was very high, but the policies of government and other facilities brought down the mortality rate, but still in reducing the birth rate the government has failed, due to which the population has been growing very fast.

2. Poverty- One of the reasons for population growth is poverty too because poor people think that the more people in the house will be the more earners so that the cost of the home will go very smoothly due to which they give birth more children.

3. Illiteracy- Another main reason for population growing in India is illiteracy because contraceptive pills and birth control methods are available to control birth in the market today, but due to illiteracy, many people are not aware of this, which has become one of the main reasons for population growth.

4. Illegal Migrants- There is also one reason why there is a lot of population in India but this is not such a big reason as we have discussed above. people of other countries, especially Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, migrate to India, due to which the influx of India has increased.

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