Why Experience and Hard Work are Important

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Once in a while there were lots of people use to live in a village. In these there was a blind man who could not see anything and there was one another man who could not walk because he was lame by both legs. One day because of one man who was burning stubbles of wheat near the village at that time whole village started to burn.
People of village tried to control the fire but they could not therefore all men started to run out of village meanwhile those two persons one is blind and another crippled started to shout please save us also but nobody paid attention on them and all were busy to saved their members of family.
Blind man was understanding what was going there and also feeling the flame of fire but the reason of blindness he could not run anywhere and in another side the one who was cripple watching everything but he could not have run anywhere also.
They both were shouting a lot and begging for help but nobody helped them and in a blink of a moment whole village people run away except this two. After seeing it cripple man told to the blind man that you took me on your back so that i would guide you and you would follow it so in this way we would get out of this problem.
The man who was blind liked this suggestion and got ready to take him on his back in this way both came out from that place to safe one.

Moral of the Story:

The elegant of this story is related to our life-

The eye of old man is related to the “experience” and the legs of youth means “hard work” if they both work together then everywork can be done with maturity, perfection and without spent a lot of time on any work.

“The experience and hard work complements each other.”

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