who built the Great wall of China why was it was constructed and its facts

China’s wall, which is the longest man-made wall in this world and can be seen from space and moon was built by several Emperors, but many people do not know about who have created this wall and why they have created it. In this article, we will know who built the wall of China and why.

China’s wall was started from 2300 years ago from present time and it was made by different empires. The length of this wall is 8850 kilometers, which makes its the world’s longest wall, the beginning of the Great Wall of China was started by Duke of Chu State in 770 to 221 BC to prevent the invaders and Emperor Qin Shi Huang Extended the former wall between 221 to 207 BC. Later the Emperor of Han Dynasty Liu Che took the command to built the remaining Wall in 202 BC to 220 AD to protect the Silk Road and at last the Emperor of Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang renovate and complete the Whole Wall.

Some facts related to the Great Wall of China:

1. We thought China’s wall is fully connected but it is not that some parts of China’s wall are not connected.

2. This wall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

3. In building this wall, 20 to 30 lakhs people Sacrificed their entire life.

4. The laborers who did not work much in making this wall were buried in the wall.

5. This wall was not open for tourists earlier but after 1970 it was opened for tourists and today it is one of China’s main tourist destination.

6. The width of this wall is so that 10 people can walk together.

7. About 10 million people visit this wall every year.

8. This wall has a height of 35 feet.

9. Inspection minarets are also observed in this wall to keep an eye on enemies.

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