What is Full Form of P.F.?

What is Full Form of P.F.?

The basic unit of every country’s economy is the total income of the countries income. If we try to build any building or even the government wants to implement any project or scheme it requires a specific amount of fund. Without funds, development is not possible. When we are talking about the funds we can’t exclude that its power is temporary. Money is not stable it is always movable through the process of transactions. Therefore, some time what happened after retirement if an emergency broken out then arranging money is quit difficult. So, it’s a very big issue for any employee to live happily in their life after retirement. Hence, the government of India make a separate authority or fund system to solve this difficulty facing by the employees after their retirement. So, today we are going to discuss about PF Full Form and its various Acronomical Full form.

Description about PF

PF Full Form is known as Provident Fund or best known by its organization name EPFO. it is basically a central authority of the ministry of labor and employment of Gov. India which formed in 1952. Its first duty is to provide compulsory provident fund scheme, pension scheme and insurance services to every central and state government employee. It also provides services to an international employee too. Its annual turnover is about 8.5 lakh crore which make its one of largest social security organization. At first this service is provided in industries like electrical, mechanical engineering product, iron and steel, paper and textile. Its headquarter is in New Delhi and for its smooth running the chief executive officer of EPFO is responsible. Now, this fund is securing the future of about 2.15 crore of an employee after their retirement.

We already discuss the most popular PF Full Form. Now, let’s take a look at other full form related to this acronym.
1) Power factor.
2) Privacy form.
3) Pelvic floor.
4) Planet fortress.
5) Project forecast.

PUBG Full Form

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