What is Flora and Fauna

Flora means that the “Plants of an Environment”, habitat and the origin of this word in Late 18th Century: from Latin words flos, flor- ‘flower’. According to 1999 assessment of the Indian forest cover nearly 20% of the Country’s Geographic area and among all states of India Haryana is that state that covers the lowest Percentage of area under forests.

Some interesting facts about Flora:

1. In India, about 15,000 Flowering plants are found, which covers 6% of the world.

2. About 1500 plants species are going to end in India.

3. Among the whole flowering plants, nearly 33% are endemic in India.

4. There are 45,000 plant species found in India which represent 7% of world’s Flora.

Meaning of Fauna:
The Fauna means the “Animal of an Environment”, habitat. Across the world, 8.70 million species of Fauna are found among these about 81,000 known species of fauna dispersed across the India.

Some facts related to fauna are:

1. In India, only nearly 1,228 species of birds are found.

2. India consists of about 6.5% of the total world’s fauna.

3. Among the total bird species around 13% represent only by India.

4. India has about 25 varieties of marine and freshwater fish.

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