what impact has American popular culture had on the rest of the world ?

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USA, based in North America, is the world’s most developed country, so other countries want to follow it and dream to become powerful and influential like it and want to follow its footprint at present time. America is also called New World, but America’s Fame and status has not been got overnight, it is hard work of its year, if today this country touches the welfare of these heights, then behind it “The Culture” also has a huge hand.
Today, the people of the world are adopting America’s culture so fast its reason behind, it is very easy and simple to follow. In this culture, there is no restriction on anything like other countries whether you are a US citizen or a resident of another country. Even for a girl to be a mother, it is not necessary to be married and it is not considered a sin here, whereas many other countries are such countries where If you become a mother before marriage, it is considered a big sin and she is banned from society.
America have never had any rule. There is no rule of wearing clothes in America. Even if girls want to go topless while walking in roads she can walk and roam. While Countries like India, South Arabia, Pakistan, South Korea, North Korea, here if girls found to do so, then they would be banned from the society.
The human mindset is a big role behind all of these, if people of other countries are rapidly pursuing American culture, then it is to simplify their lives behind it because according to the culture of America you have to do everything. There is no restriction on wearing clothes who live in this country, there is no restriction on alcohol, there is no restriction on applying betting there in casinos you can go openly. In many countries where the boy talks to the girl is considered as a sin, while in the US, there is a benefit to go to date after 12 years even the parents make the girl ready for a date.
The mother and father do not put too much pressure on children and they are free from the age of 12 and 13 and they can do whatever they want to do, these all few reasons America is so much developed And further due to this the people of other countries are adopting the culture of the US.

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