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There was a man who had four wife. He loved his fourth wife very much and took care of her a lot and spent time with her mostly among his four wife. He also loved his third wife and wanted to get meet with his friends but he scared that she would run away with one of my friend and got marry with him.

He loved also his second wife and wherever he faced any problem he met with her and she solved his problem. But he did not love his first wife because she was not so beautiful conversely she loved him a lot and took care of everything.

One day that man fell sick and started to felt that he would not survive for long time.

He thought that i have four wife i would choose one among these who would die with me when i will die.

Firstly he asked to his fourth wife with whom he loved most but she denied and went from there after that he asked from his third wife but she said that life is very Beautiful and when you would die I would marry with someone else. This time he asked from his second wife and she replied that please forgive me this time I can’t help you but at most whenever you would die I can come with you to buried you.
He was very sad to hear this and started to cry only then his first wife came to him and said I would go with you. He listen to this and told his wife with pity that-

I should have taken care of you and I could have but time has gone and now I am about to die please forgive me.
In point of fact in our life we have four wife:
1. Fourth wife is our “body” – no matter how much we beautify it but whenever we will die it will leave us alone.
2.Third wife is related to “wealth” – when we die, it will go to others.
3. Second one related to our “relatives and friends” – If they are so close, then after death, more and more, they live together with our funeral.
4. The first wife is our soul – which is ignored by the worldly temptation Maya, this is the thing that we should take care of and love most.

Moral of story

This story tell us that we should love most to our first wife means “soul” and try to keep away it from worldly temptation – lust and mirage, in reality we don’t.

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