Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

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Data Visualization is the most important part of data analysis. For a Data Analyst or Data Scientist is important to present the data in a visually appealing format. So, that the insights from the big volume of data can be visually presented in an easy way. There are various data visualization tools that a Data Analyst or Data Scientist uses to present data via graphs and charts.

In this article, we will Explore the best Data Visualization tools:

Top 5 Data Visualization Tools-

1. Tableau

One of the major tools in the Data Visualization that is being used by most for the Analyst and Scientist. It has gained popularity around the world owing for its drag and drop feature in User Interface. This tool is free for some basic versions. It provides facility to connect to a variety of data sources like (CSV, XML, JSON, MS Excel), relational and non-relational database like (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB) and cloud systems like (AWS, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc). There are different types of Tableau versions: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Server and Tableau Online. For more information on Tableau, reach out at Tableau Official Website.

2. Google Charts

Google offers its charting framework to create highly customizable data visualization. Moreover, it is the easiest to learn and use Google Charts. If you are a Beginner and want to start Data Visualization then, this is the perfect tool to start with. You can use this tool for handling huge data set. It is a free tool, you can reach out at Google Charts Official website.

3. QlikSense

QlikSense is a powerful tool from Qlik family used for data visualization. With this tool, you can analyze data. It provides drag-and-drop user-friendly features. It is intended that user can use it with ease. It is cloud-based infrastructure which makes it strong among other data visualizations tool. It is a free tool, you can reach out at QlikSense Official website.

4. SAS Visual Analytics

SAS is one of the traditional vendors in the advanced analytics space, by offering analytics insights to businesses. SAS Visual Analytics is not only a data visualization tool but it is capable of predictive modeling and forecasting. It provides drag and drop features. For more details, you can reach out SAS Visual Analytics from here.

5. D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library which is used to manipulate bind data with Document object Model. It is an open source library. It uses HTML, CSS and SVG to create visual representation of data on browser. You can reach out at D3.js official website.

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