Top 21 Interesting Amazon Rainforest Facts

You will have heard a lot about the Amazon River and about the forest but you will not know much about it, so in today’s post, we will talk about some facts related to Amazon Rainforest. Amazon rainforest, located in South America, is a very dense and beautiful forest. In this forest has a lot of living creatures which are very unique and wonderful to see. Except. These all there are innumerable species of plants and insects are also found.

Let us know some specific things about this rainforest-

1. The name Amazon is derived from the Amazons of Greek mythology, which means the race of women warriors.

2. The first step by man in the Amazon forest was kept 11,200 years ago.

3. Amazon Jungle is the world’s largest rainforest, hence it is also called King of the forests.

4. This jungle is spread over 2100000 square miles, most of which is located in approximately 60% of Brazil followed by 13% in Peru and other countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana etc.

5. There are 3000 fruits in the Amazon forest, which are worth eating.

6. Amazon forest is a very old forest, it has existed for approximately 55 million years.

7. Many countries make efforts to save the Amazon forest. Among these efforts, Norway’s country had donated $ 1 million in 2008.

8. The Amazon River, which crosses from the Amazon Rainforest, contains about 3,000 different species of fish, besides that there is still a search for them.

9. The width of the Amazon River goes up to 190 kilometers when there is rain in South America.

10. According to one figure, the Amazon rainforest has been cut at least 20 percent in the last 40 years.

11.. Compare the Amazon forest with India then it is almost one and a half times larger than India.

12. Amazon River, the river flowing through Amazon rain forest, is the world’s second longest river, which is approximately 6400 kilometers long

13. If this forest is declared a country it will be the 9th largest country in the world.

14. In this forest, it is mostly dark because this forest tree is so dense that it does not let the sunlight illuminate, due to which the darkness remains here.

15. The Amazon forest is also called the Earth’s lungs because it contributes approximately 20% of oxygen to the environment.

16. Almost 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced from the forest of Amazon only.

17. About 40,000 species of plants are found in the Amazon forest, while around 2.5 million species of insects reside here.

18. The boundaries of the Amazon rainforest meet almost 9 countries and these 9 countries are Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname French, Guiana.

19. There is no bridge on the Amazon River yet.

20. Anaconda snakes are also found in the Amazon forest, while the forest is also known for spiders and many other animals.

21. Iquitos which is a city in Peru, there is no accessible road to go here. As it is located in the lower part of the Amazon rainforest where it is not easy to build a road where more than four lakh people live.

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