Tips to Improve Your Memory

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As we, all know that competition in today’s world enhancing day by day. So competing in this era as a competitor is a herculean task. For this, you should have a better IQ. To maintain your IQ, keep your mind vibrating and sharp you need to do many things so you can prove yourself as a competitor whenever needed. Here are some tips which is very useful to keep our mind fresh and vibrating-


Meditation and yoga both help us to boost our memory and reduce tension. It has shown in research that with the help of yoga we can reduce our tension and relax our brain up to 80%. According to University of Illinois hatha yoga improve our focus and information retention. Just practicing yoga 20 minute daily makes you smarter than before.


It is a proverb that “what you think, you become”. This is also applicable here if you think you are smart, you become smart. In this Affirmation may work but if you have some evidence like- you have done something special before and get success in something, is even better. Keep remembering that success for motivating yourself and say yourself that we can do this time also.


Writing is a most useful tool for clarifying your thinking, expressing thoughts, exercise your creativity and analytical ability.
Writing helps us to reduce tension and improve mood if we write on daily basis. It also helps to generate new ideas, boost our brainpower and improve IQ. You tell your mind what is important, which helps you recall things easily in the future.


Eating well is good for physical health as well as mental health too. Healthy food speeds up our brain waves and improves concentration.
Eggs, vegetable such as – cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower helps to boost our memory. Chocolate is a quick mood booster.

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