what is Mutiny and Mutiny festival tickets

What is mutiny festival?

The mutiny festival is a festival associated with dance and music which is organized once a year but it is not just related to music, apart from this Its site visitors also dotted with carnival performers, hidden discos, international street food. Still the list of this festivals is not over apart including these all you will find a lot of things that will surprise you.
The first event of this festival was held on July 19, 2014, and now the mutiny festival has become an important festival of the UK. The mutiny festival lasts for almost a week. Many people participate in it. if you have to participate in this, you will have to buy tickets for this festival.

What happened in 2018 mutiny festival?

The Music Festival of 2018 was held in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, this festival was to be held here on May 26 and 27, but this time it was canceled on 27th May due to the death of two people.
And the reason for this death is the circulation of death cause drugs, it is being said that the drug, that was being sold, was very dangerous and high-strength, because of which an 18-year-old girl whose name was Georgia and jones, A boy who was 20 years old, died of taking this drug
In addition to the death of the s two, about 15 people have been admitted to the hospital and out of which 13 people have been discharged and other two still in the hospital. Due to this incident, the mutiny festival has canceled for 27th may Sunday, by which There is no danger to anyone else’s life.

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