Who is the Tallest women of the world

Who is the Tallest women of the world

Tallness is not come by the choice generally it is common that height of women is less than the men but it does not happen always. Sometimes women have more height than the normal men. Tallness depends upon the genetics which she receives from the parents but sometimes due to the abnormal behavior of the growth hormones the height also becomes abnormal and this abnormal height creates many problems in the daily life of that person. In history, there are number of women who had the height more than the average but some cases in them make wonders by their height. In this article, I will tell you about the tallest women ever and the current tallest women in the world.

Tallest woman ever

The Tallest woman of the world ever was the Zeng Jinlian. The birth date of the Zeng was February 13, 1964. She was born in the village Yujiang of China in the province of Hunan. The last measurement of Zeng was taken on 13 February 1982 and according to that measurement, the height of Zeng was 8 feet 1 inch (264.3 cm). The growth behavior of her was abnormal from the age of four months and the height of Zeng at the age of four years was 5 feet 1.5 inch. Due to the abnormal behavior of growth hormones, she faced many problems in her childhood and at the age of 13, the measured height of Zeng was 7 feet 1.5 inch (217 cm). The length measurement of her hands was 10 inches (25.5 cm) and the length of her feet was measured 14 inches (35.5 cm). The parents of Zeng have the normal height like other normal people and the height of her brother at the age of 18 was 5 feet 2.5 inches (158 cm). Zeng pattern of growth was almost similar to the pattern of world tallest man ever named Robert Wadlow.

A major problem with the abnormal height person is the attack of diseases and Zeng was also suffered from the Diabetes and Scoliosis. The reason of her death was also these two diseases. She died on February 13, 1982.

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Tallest Women Living

There are many women these days that have the abnormal height as compared to the average height of women in the world. Some living tallest women are given in the list below.
• Zainab Bibi was belonged to Pakistan and died in this year had the height of 7 feet 2 inches. She was declared as the tallest woman in the list of world tallest women in the year 2003.

• Gitika Srivastava is among the living tallest women she belongs to India and has the height of 6 feet 11 inches. She was also the member of the National women Basketball team of India.

• Rita Miniva Besa belongs to Zambia and the height of Rita is 6 feet 8 inches.

• Caroline Welz is among the top five tallest women and holds the record of tallest women in the country of Germany. She has a height of 1.5 meters.

• Heather Greene belongs to Holland and has the height of 6 feet 5 inches. She also made a website named Heather Heaven and got popularity due to his height.

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