28 Interesting Facts about Mauritius

Mauritius, which is one of the smallest countries in the world, is spread over 2040 square kilometers. In the case of the area, it is 170th country which has population density of 618 sq. Kms. This country is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and known throughout the world for its natural beauty and for its very interesting peace and history which attract millions of tourism every year.

Let’s know some amazing facts related to this beautiful country-

1. As we have told you above that this country is very small and there is less populations live, around 14,00,000 people live here.

2. Most wild animals are not found in Mauritius.

3. The national bird of Mauritius is Do-do, this bird is now extinct from Mauritius.

4. In Mauritius, thousands of turtles are found which are very large in size.

5. The species of bird named Do-do is considered to be approximately 40,00,000 old parasites.

6. Mauritius is the capital of Port Louis and approximately 40 percent of Mauritius’s population lives in this city.

7. The snakes found in Mauritius are not poisonous.

8. There are many small beaches to roam in this country and apart from this tourist can roam tropical island which is found here in great quantity.

9. Mauritius has no culture, but other countries culture there are found such as Hindu, Europeans, African, Chinese culture etc.

10. If Mauritius is seen by length, it is only 45 kilometers long and almost so wide.

11. If left to India and Nepal, Mauritius is the only country which is a country with Hindu majority.

12. Mauritius is the only country in Africa where is Hindu majority.

13. Do-do was a non-flying bird which is considered to be a bird of the family of pigeon.

14. Mauritius does not have any mineral mines but it is still considered one of the rich countries and it is considered because it is known for its tourism in the whole world and due to its economy is also good.

15. Do-do bird which has disappeared from this world for the time being but before this bird was found only in this country, it was not found in any other country.

16. The horse race is very popular in Mauritius

17. Like other countries, this country has been ruled by England but it got independence on March 12, 1968 and it became an independent country

18. The official name of Mauritius is the Republic of Mauritius.

19. Here most of the population is Hindu, here it is about 52 percent of Hindus residing here and then the number comes to the Christian people and then the Muslim population is the highest here.

20. A seven-colored mound is found in Mauritius, it is seven colors similar to the rainbow, and this color does not even come out in rain. People come from far away to see it even this is the most spectacular tourist place in Mauritius.

21. Before 1638, there was no man here, first in 1638, the Dutch people made it their home.

22. This country has been named Mauritius by Dutch people.

23. Those people who are Indians in Mauritius mostly belong to Bihar mean that they are from Bihar.

24. Mauritius country is made up of a large Ireland and several smaller Ireland

25. The official language of Mauritius has not been given in its constitution.

26. The languages are spoken mainly French, English, Bhojpuri etc.

27. Since 1992 this country is known as the Republic of Mauritius country.

28. Mauritius has four colors on the flag and it has four colors, red yellow green and blue, all four colors show different things about the country.