Facts About Men

In this planet, there are only one creature who can think and develop themselves in that manner in which they want that is humankind. But they are also divided into two category one is a man and another is a woman and they both have very different from each other. Here in this article, we will discuss about some of the Facts about the Men–

1.Men with beautiful wives are more satisfied in their life in comparison to those whose wives do not so much beautiful.

2.In an average life of men, they spend their 6 month of the life in just shaving.

3.In a research, it is found that those men who are betrayal towards their partner or work their IQ level is low.

4.Difficult to believe but true – men are good cook than the women. it means men make good food from women.

5.Amazing to read this fact that bald men appear 13 percent more vasty than normal men.

6.A man an average blink his eyelids 11 times in one minute while in one minute woman blink her eyes in 19 times.

7.Men will be Men – an average a man spends one year of his life in just staring the women.

8.If we talk about the suicide then here men are very ahead of women. Men do suicide 4 times more than the women.

9.If a man use laptop frequently in keeps his lap, then he is more likely to have importance.

10.All the murder of women who took place in this world among them half of the total murders of the women is done by their partner or husband.

11.Unbelievable, a 99 year old man divorced his 96 old year wife after the marriage of the 77 years due to he had somewhere come to know her love affair of adulthood.

12.Men tend to sweat twice the women.

13.Have you heard about this harm of the smoking that it can make impotence if you smoke very frequently.

14.When men walk with their wives or partners then they walk 7 percent slow to their normal speed.

15.To do kiss in the television is very common nowadays but do you know that first time kiss between the two men was happened in 1927 on television.

16.According to estimates, till 2020, in China, there will be 30 to 40 million men, who will not find girls to marry.

17.90 percent men take initiative to express their love and say I LOVE YOU to their beloved one while only 10 % women do this.

18.Shocking in listening that milk can also come in the breasts of the men but in certain conditions only.

19.In America, every year around 450 men die from the cancer only.

20.To chance the lightning upon the men in much more higher than the women.

21.At the eve of Valentine day, a man spend average 154 dollar on his girlfriend while woman spend 136 dollar on her boyfriend.

22.Where a man walks with slow with the woman in contrary a man walks fast with other men.

23.It is true that most of the men love women only by looking their beauty when women do not do this.

24.High heels was originally made for men in 1600 BC. But women started wearing it.

25.On an average, a man at least speaks 6 times lies in a day.

26.If we talk about the height then an average man just 4 to 5 inch tall to the woman.

27.This is also true that to attract the man towards something or someone beauty is not only enough.

28.This is true and same for both woman and man that in the beginning of conversation, men also get nervous as equal to woman.

This are 28 Amazing Facts about the Men