19 Suprising Facts about the Earth

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The Earth, home of the myriad species, is the only planet in our solar system where life is possible and where numerous creatures have been living for millennia. Unlike the other terrestrial planets, Earth is containing water in adequate quantity and other vital sources that become life accessible to it. Having the same characteristics there are plethora of Facts About the Earth. Let’s Explore them-

1.From the whole space of the Earth 71% space is only covered by the water and around 97% of water belongs to the ocean.

2.Only 11% of the surface of the earth is usable to produce the eatable food.

3.This is the third planet from the sun after the Mercury and Venus and it’s distance from the sun is 92,955,819 miles approximately.

4.A year complete on the earth is in 365 days 6 hours and 16 minutes because of this extra 6 hours in one year a day increase in every 4 years that we know as a 29 February.

5.If we talk about the temperature of the Earth then the maximum temperature of the Earth is around 58 degree Celsius and the minimum weather temperature is minus 88 degree Celsius approximately.

6.The deepest pitcher is dug by a human on the earth till now is 7.5 miles and this exploit is done by the Russian people.

7.Earth’s 30% land surface is only covered by forest. the forest is spanning on the earth is around 4 million hectares.

8.Till now over 7.2 billions peoples are living on the earth.

9.On an estimate, it is believed that about that over 8.5 million species on earth are found.

10.Only 6 countries of the world cover 40% land of the earth.

11.The height of the mountains above the 15,000 meter is not possible due to the gravity of earth.

12.Every living organism that exists on Earth carbon is definitely present on him/her.

13.Earth is roaming on its Axis with a speed of 1000 miles per hour while it moves about our sun in its circular orbit with a speed of around 29 kilometers per second.

14.It is discovered by the scientist that the age of the earth is around 454 crore year.

15.We believe that the gravitational force of the Earth is same across the Earth but it is not true the gravitational force of the earth is different in the different places.

16.If you talk about the surface land of the earth then from the whole surface land only 50% land. is livable and left 50 percent is covered by desert, mountains, and forest.

17.There is so much gold available on our earth that we can cover the whole Earth surface at a depth of over 1 feet.

18.In our solar system, the earth is the only place where water is present in the form of solid, liquid and gas.

19.The scientist believes that a piece of waste material that is present in the space falls on the earth every day.

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