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Sooner or later you must heard about the magnificent idol of the America’s statue of liberty placed in the liberty island, new york in usa this sculpture is renowned across the world for its incredible art. it is one among the masterpiece of the world which individuals wish to see it in their life at once. There are many more things and Facts About this idol let’s know them–

1.The idol of this magnificent statue took almost 9 year to build.

2.Till now two people have committed suicide by jumping from this statue of liberty one died in 1929 and other in 1932 and other than two who jumped from it survived.

3.The statue the liberty, also known as the liberty enlightening the world, is icon of freedom and welcome the immigrants who come here from other countries.

4.This idol is not made by the americans rather this was gifted to America by the france in 1886.

5.Every year around 3 to 4 million people come to see this incredible sculpture.

6.The size of the shoes which this lady bear is 879.

7.Whenever the fast air blows the sculpture moves upto 3 inches and the torch, which is idol hold, moves around 5 inches.

8.Some people thinks that statue of liberty is the idol of the man but not so it the idol of the lady.

9.When the idol of “statue of liberty” was standing it was the highest structure of the iron.

10.UNESCO, in 1984, was included this statue of liberty in the list of world heritage site.

11.On this island where statue of liberty is standing firstly name of it was the “Bedloe island” which was, in 1956, changed to “liberty island”.

12.The replicas of the statue of liberty has been also available in brazil, china, Israel, and many more other countries.

13.The face of the statue of liberty is similar to sculptor’s mother because he made it like his mother’s face.

14.The height of this idol from the base to the peak of torch is 93 meter or just above 305 feet.

15.The statue of liberty is hold the torch in one hand and a book in her other hand.

16.The seven specimens those are pointed from the crown the “statue of liberty” shows the seven continents of the world.

17.The weight of this idol is 2 lakh 25 thousands kilo or can say 225 tons.

18.It was known, in 1982, about the statue of the liberty that the face of the this idol was set up by 2 feet behind the centre.

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