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Singapore, come into existence in 1819, is the dream city where every person wants to visit and enjoy some moments of his/her life in the streets and beaches of Singapore. But have you heard something weird things about Singapore? If no then we bring some amazing things about this dream city which you never heard before this let’s discuss Singapore Facts

Area Covered718

Population56 Lakh
Located inAsia
Ranked (Area Wise)191
Ranked (Population Wise)114th

1.In the Singapore to paste poster on the walls and making any kind of painting on the public walls is against the law if you do like this kind of activity then you must be punished.

2.Singapore in a very small city and area wise it is less than Mumbai and the population of this city is 58 lakh approximately.

3.The population of this city is just 6 million but in 2017 almost 18 million international visitors came to visit.

4.In Singapore to chew chewing is not allow even you can not buy it. Singapore government has banned it.

5.In the case of pornography, the Singapore government has strictly enacted the law and there is a ban on many kinds of pornography even until 2007 oral sex was also a ban here.

6.To spread the garbage in the roads of Singapore is not allow and if you were found to do so then you will have to clean that spread garbage itself. For this, you may have to pay fine. If compare to other countries then there are very strict laws for this.

7.Singapore is one among the costliest city in the world.

8.Singapore has lack of space due to this it has bought billions of cubic feet sand from Cambodia.

9.In this city you can not pee in the open if you were found to do so then you may have to pay a penalty or punished.

10.Singapore has increased its area till now 25 percent since independence.

11.The person of Singapore can vote in the election of British.

12.You may have to pay up to 150 dollars if you will not flush the toilet in Singapore.

13.Can say Singapore is the country of rich people because here 1 out of 6 people are the millionaire.

14.Singapore called the city of the singhos.

15.Singapore is the only country in the world that did not need to fight to get the freedom. Malasia liberated this country its own will in 1965.

16.Singapore is the collection of small islands. This is consists of 63 islands.

17.Well, there is no shortage of beautiful buildings but nobody can build the building above than 280 meters.

18.As we have discussed this is the very small city so it mostly imports commodities from the other countries like Thailand and Indonesia etc.

19.On July 5, 1943, Indian leader Subhash Chandra Bose gave a slogan “Delhi Chalo” as the supreme commander.

20.The world’s first night zoo, who open in the night also, is here. Its name is the Night Safari.

21.Singapore has no capital.

22.The national anthem of Singapore has been written in very small letters in its currency up to 1000 dollar notes.

23.The world record of the most participating people in line dancing is also the name of Singapore. In may 2002, 11967 people participated in it to dance.

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