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Shashi tharoor is well known Indian Politian, diplomat, who is also prominent as writer for both fiction and non-fiction books. Tharoor has won many literary awards including – Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism and Commonwealth Writer’s Prize. He is bestseller author of 16 books, which Centered on India and its culture, history, politics, Indian society and many more. Below we will talk about some of the important books of Tharoor-

1. AN ERA OF DARKNESS – The British empire in India

PAGES – 359

In an era of darkness Shashi Tharoor explains with errorless research, array of facts and figures how britIshers looted India and Indians paid to Britain for enrichment with their properties, lives and breaks the myth of those who believes the administration was better in British raj. Shashi demystifies how colonizers exploited our country, industries of steel, shipping and textile were destructed, steal of national resources from India ranging to Britain, pursuing the policy of divide and rule which completely pushed the India back to the wall. Before the rule of Britishers India used to be contribute 23% of GDP to the world but when Britishers left the country it was just above the 3% . Superbly narrated by Shashi tharoor this book correct many mistaken notion of that period of British raj.

2. PAX INDICA – India and the World of the 21st Century

PAGES – 460

Pax Indica of “Shashi Tharoor” is a great book for those who are eager to know about country’s foreign policy and how it affects the individual. He also highlights the Indian diplomacy and where India stands in the global world. This book also gives information according to the Tharoor’s survey and examine on the international relationships, frame the policies by opinion of parliament as well as public, responsibility of the country to maintain position globally and arguing that India move towards the era of multi-alignment from the non-alignment. This book of Tharoor in another success for him that is beautifully written and keep the reader engaging.

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