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Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan renowned across the world for its vibrant colours, historic monuments, amazing architectures, delicious food, matchless handicrafts shopping and its literature festival. This city is constructed by Jai Singh -ll and planned by vidyadhar bhattacharya, a noted architect, in November 1727. Jaipur is most popular city of India, also part of one of three corners of golden triangle, continuous to lure tourists, researchers and history buffs from different places of the world. There are plenty of monuments and attractive places which will give you stunning and striking beauty experience let’s uncover them-


Hawa Mahal (palace of breeze) is one of the prominent monument of Jaipur, built by the king sawai pratap singh in 1799. This palace, was made for the royal ladies in lattice design called (jarokhas) so they could observe everyday life and Festivals celebrated in the street of the city without being seen themselves because they were not allowed to go in public and interact with stranger peoples. The palace is, the blend of Rajasthani and Islamic style architecture, constructed with red and pink sandstone looks like the crown of the lord krishna. In this palace 953 small jarokhas (windows) decorated with latticework so the wind blowing inside the palace to make it the perfect retreat during summer. This five-storey monument is main attraction for visitors.

Jaipur, City Palace, Mubarak Mahal[/caption]

>If you are making plan to visit Jaipur then “CITY PALACE” is a must visit place. This palace is built by raja sawai jai singh-ll between 1729 to 1732 AD when he changed his residential from amer to jaipur because of increasing population and water problems in amer. Located in the centre of pink city this palace portays Indian architectures including rajput and mughal architectures style. “Chandra mahal” and “mubarak mahal” more beautify this city palace which is part of this including others buildings. This palace also incorporates others sightoworthy places like – gardens, huge courtyards, marvelous museum, apartment and stunning halls etc which also very fascinating and attractive for visitors.


The amber fort is, also popularly known as amber palace, built by raja man singh in 1592 and later renovated and widened by raja jai singh-l. This fort is, located at the moatha lake which enhance its entire beauty, made of red sandstone and marble looks very attractive. Inside the palace you will find various worth seeing things like – diwam-i-khas, diwan-i-aam, sheesh mahal, sukh niwas, jai mandir where you can visit and enjoy your time. This palace is the foremost tourism place of the jaipur.


The jantar-mantar monument (Jaipur) is an astronomical observatory site built by raja sawai jai singh -ll in 18th centuary. There are 19 large fixed instruments and each have their own specific characteristics. Among these instruments, there is largest sundial of the country known as samrat yantra. These all astronomical observatory instruments, design principles of ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts, used to measure the positions and distances celestial objects with naked eye. Firstly these all structures were made out of wood to check the accuracy and maintain the measurements later the dimensions were all perfect these all structures changed to stone structures to make it more magnificent. This site is in include UNESCO world heritage site.


Jaigarh fort (victory fort) is built by the maharaja sawai jai singh – ll in 1726 to protect the amer fort and Jaipur city from the rival and warlords. This fort and amber fort both are connected by subterranean passages. This fort is spread around 3 km in length and 1 km in width with a height of 400 feat. In this fort there is a cannon called “jaivana” the world’s biggest cannon on wheel constructed within the fort is still stand inside the fort. This is believed that in this fort the treasure of raja jai singh was buried under the fort, which was reportedly seized by the rajasthan’s government after its discovery. This fort have also palace complex which includes – lalit mandir, aram mandir, vilas mandir, laxmi vilas, armoury and museum etc.

This fort is strongest fort of Jaipur and if you want to see the beauty of Jaipur then the panoramic view from this fort give you that pleasure.

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