16 Amazing Peru’s Facts

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Located in the southern America Peru is one among the beautiful country of World. Thousands of Miles amazing beaches and with a pleasant climate for tourism this country itself has many secrets. Let’s find interesting facts about the Peru’s history, Economy, and of its Culture –

No. of StatesNo
Population31.5 Crore
Located inSouth America
Area Covered1,258,000 sq.km.
Ranked (Area Wise)5th
Ranked (Population Wise)43

1.“Eucalyptus”, the world largest flowering plant, is found in Peru.

2.The Andean condor, largest flying bird of the planet, also found in this country.

3.Peru’s nearly 50 percent part is covered by the Amazon forest, the world largest rain forest.

4.In Peru, various types of plants and animals are found those do not live or find anywhere on this planet.

5.The “Andes”, world’s second highest range mountains are also here. In ancient times in people who lived here thought they are a god because they lived in the highest place and could see everything.

6.In the year 1600, due to a volcanic eruption in Peru, almost 20 million people died in Russia.

7.In the ‘andes’ of Peru, there is a plant that who grows almost 100 years before blooming. The name of that plant is “Puya Raimondi”.

8.Peru’s official name is “Republic of Peru”.

9.The name of Peru come from the Spanish misunderstanding of the Quechua word “pelu” which means a river.

10.In Peru, there are 3 official languages which are – Quechua, Spanish, and Aymara.

11.In the Peru gold is found in much quantity because of this It is the sixth largest producer of the gold in the world.

12.In 1973 government of Peru prohibited the use the chilly sauce to the prisoners claiming that it increases their sexual arousing.

13.There is 10 feet wall between Lima and Peru which separate the poor people from the rich ones.

14.Peru is the 8th largest producer in the world.

15.In the year 2013, USA declared Peru the largest producers the earth.

16.Dolphin meat also eat in the peru.

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