USB Full Form | Advantages and Disadvantages

USB full form is Universal Serial Bus. It is an industry standard that establishes specifications for cables, connectors and protocols for connection, communication and power supply between the computers and the peripheral devices which work as plug and play objects. It was designed for standardization of connections of peripherals like keyboards, pointing devices, digital and video cameras, printers, portable media players, disk drives and network adapters to personal computers, both to communicate and to supply electric power. It has largely replaced interfaces like serial and parallel ports and has become commonplace on a wide range of devices. USB connectors are continuously replacing other types of connectors for battery chargers of portable devices.

USB is widely used for data transfer from one device to another device as well. USB full form ports are available on many devices nowadays such as Computers, Laptops etc. Even televisions have USB ports to watch recorded videos or saved content. There are different versions of USB full form cable and devices available the version 1.x, 2.0,3.0 and 3.1. The newest version of the USB is 3.1 which provides the fastest data transfer speed. It is capable of data transfer rate at 10 Gbps. Each and every version of USB port is compatible with previous as well as the next version, meaning that it can support any version below or above its current number. However, devices with lower versions will run at their normal transfer speeds even though USB 3.0 is capable of higher speed. Similarly, if a 3. 1 USB device is connected into a USB 2.0 port, the 3.1 device’s maximum transfer rate will be capped to that of the USB 2.0 port. It is feasible to use the same version of port and USB. Otherwise, it is useless to use a newer version of USB if you have the port of previous version.

Advantages of USB:

1. The USB is an easy to use device.
2. USBs are cheap.
3. It provides many types of connector and size available.
4. Its power consumption is too low.
5. It can connect up to 127 Universal Serial Bus (USB) components at the same time to one PC.
6. It can fit all of the devices which have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.
7. It is capable of working in the absence of internet as well.
8. It is portable due to its small size.
9. They do not need any charging or extra accessories for use so they can be taken anywhere and can be used without any accessories.
10. USB cables and devices are easily available in markets.

Disadvantages of USB:

1. Its storage capacity is not too much.
2. The data transfer rate is not as fast as some other systems.
3. The length of USB cable is hurdle in connecting peripheral devices placed on some distance.
4. When a USB device (data traveler) is used on multiple devices it starts creating shortcuts and viruses.
5. Due to the small size they are easily misplaced, left behind or lost.

CPU Full Form | Details about CPU

CPU full form is Central processing unit, pronounced as separate letters, Sometimes it is referred to be as a central processor. It is an internal component of computer. CPU full form is (Central processing unit) also known as Brain of Computer it provides all the functions from very simple to very difficult steps. Central processing unit is the main component that performs all the functions and calculations in the computer system. It is a piece of hardware that is performing all the functions and calculations in the form of digital data. It performs basic arithmetic, logical and input-output operations. Its quality depends on speed and number of cores.

Central processing unit consists of three main components ALU (arithmetic logic unit) and CU (control unit) ALU performs all the arithmetic and logic operations whereas CU manages the components of the computer. MU(memory unit), it stores data, instructions and intermediate results. The fourth component is Cache which stores saves and retrieves the data at very fast speed. Since 1970 these components are replaced by a single integrated unit called microprocessor. A CPU is placed on a motherboard in a socket and each socket is made for a specific CPU which means you cannot place a new version of CPU full form Central processing unit on the old version of motherboard. CPUs get heated up in very small amount of time. To avoid the burning of the Central processing unit cooling fans and heat sinks are used. It helps in heat to dissipate quickly. Nowadays liquid cooling is also used.

CPU Full Form

A CPU works on the predefined instructions in form of a program prepared by a human. These programs are normally stored in the memory unit of CPU. After the processing of data from Central processing unit, the final result is transferred to main memory or RAM (stands for random access memory).
The performance and the total speed of a CPU depend upon a number of factors clock rate(in hertz (Hz)), instruction per clock(short form IPC), instructions per second (short form IPS) that a CPU can perform. It also depends on the number of cores, by more number of cores the performance can be improved. The number of cores makes a computer capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time. The better RAM is also helpful in getting maximum processing speed. Nowadays DDR4 RAMs are commonly used.

Nowadays most commonly used processors are made by Intel. Their latest 9th generation processors offer speed of 3.7 GHz (Giga Hertz) to 5 (Giga Hertz) in case of core i5 and i9 whereas i9 extreme i9 x series offer more speed but they are not for normal computer users they are specially designed for high-level gaming and other purposes.

Most commonly used computers for household contain i5 processors because they are economical as well as capable of performing tasks for the basic level of computer use.


1. Fast data processing.
2. Performs calculations at very fast speed.
3. Do our work of hours in a couple of seconds (such as long calculations)

1. CPU has no disadvantage it is an essential part of the computer for its working.

SEO Full Form | Details

SEO Full Form

SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization) is a method utilized in web distributing to build site page perceivability and activity for a higher positioning in web indexes and more perusers. More than 250 million websites are using Search Engine Optimization technique. Composing an article utilizing Search Engine Optimization requires great composition aptitudes to make the article intriguing and simple to peruse. Vital position of key expressions and watchwords in the content and the consideration of hyperlinks will help the readership of your page. Read the following list to figure out that how to compose article utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO Full Form

1. Create outline of your article:

  • Articles should be elegantly composed, drawing in, and useful. They should exhibit another point on a particular subject. A snare before everything alongside helpful data makes individuals need to keep understanding it. Your article is supposed to be helpful, engaging, or generally important.
  • An well composed article with great substance will draw in more rush hour gridlock, which means numerous perusers will visit your site. This makes your article more alluring to connect advertisers and improves the probability of sponsors needing to utilize your page for their promotions.
  • Google internet searcher gives an incredible weight on the title of articles and web journals.

2. Create a list of main words and phrases:

  • For Search Engine Optimization it is vital so your distributer can incorporate it in the metadata of the page, which is a piece of the HTML code.
  • Catchphrases and key expressions are words or expressions that individuals would use to look for data on the theme which you are going to compose.
  • One way they do this is by enlisting the watchwords and key expressions to decide the subject of a page; yet they likewise recognize how frequently every catchphrase or expressions are utilized, regardless of whether a page is syntactically right, and what kinds of inbound and outbound hyperlinks there are. Hyperlinks are connections to different pages that are some way or another applicable to your theme.

3. Inclusion of Hyperlinks:

  • Hyperlinks are connections to another site page that is significant to your point. A word or expression can be featured and can be added to deliver web to which you need to interface. Make sure that each linked website is a good site and it gathers good traffic.

4. Content is easily shareable:

  • Content gets better ranking in case Google can see it being shared on other sites. Sharing it yourself like in the Building of Links to your Article. This is a step that is really a great way to start, but making it easy for other people to share can get you even more publicity!

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Advantages of SEO:

1. The results at cheap rates.
2. It provides increase in traffic.
3. More chances of getting into top searches.
4. Good return on investments as compared to the normal ads.

Disadvantages of SEO:

1. There are not any such type of disadvantages specially for users of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Computer Full Form | Details of Computer

Computer Full Form

Technically computer does not have a full form. Computer is derived from the word ‘Compute’, which basically means to calculate. Computer is a device that stores and manipulates information in digital form. Some people think that computer means a combination of Input-Output devices and CPU but unfortunately that is a misconception, actually, the CPU is computer. All the functions, calculations performed are done by CPU, CPU is known as ‘Brain of Computer’. Computer uses its specific languages for getting information from a user and return results. First programmable computer, that is Z1 was created by German Konrad Zuse between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and it is the first really functional modern computer.

The main PCs were utilized fundamentally for numerical computations. Any data can be numerically encoded, people took a long time to understand that PCs are fit for universally useful data handling. Their ability to deal with a lot of information has expanded the range and exactness of climate change predictions. Their speed has enabled them to settle on choices about steering phone associations through a system and to control mechanical frameworks, for example, cars, atomic reactors, and automated careful instruments. They are additionally sufficiently modest to be inserted in regular machines and to make garments dryers and rice cookers. Computers have made it possible to compare very compact objects or designs with the help of scanner as an input device such as Fingerprint comparisons.

Computer Full Form

In computer, CPU provides the circuits that implement computer’s instruction set given in its machine language. It is composed of Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU) and control circuits. It (ALU) carries out basic arithmetic and logic operations, and the control section determines the sequence of operations, including branch instructions that transfer control from one part of a program to another. Although the main memory was considered to be a part of the CPU, today it is regarded as separate. As the time has passed and further discoveries have been done nowadays CPU chips also contain some high-speed cache memory, where data and instructions are temporarily stored for fast access.

Advantages of Computer:

1. In medical department, the Machines in hospitals like X-Ray, Pathology Machine, Electrocardiograph Machine, Ventilators etc. and thousands of other machines are computerized.

2. In supermarkets computers are used to keep track of all the sales, stock, prices and the hired staff.

3. In education, computers are widely used to help students for better learning and online notes provision.

4. You can enjoy live sports and tv shows on your computer or laptop screen.

5. You can play video games for enjoyment and experience single player and multiplayer Games.

6. Computers are useful for storing a large amount of data.

7. In business, they are used to keep track of all financial and staff related activities.

Disadvantages of Computer:

1. Computer themselves do not produce any harmful substances but their productions in industries is a source of environmental pollution.

2. Data security is a big issue online as well as offline. Data can be stolen in a couple of minutes using data traveler devices.

3. Decrease in job opportunities.

4. Viruses can damage as well as take away all your hard work in a couple of minutes.

5. Long time use of computers are really harmful to human health it contains Joints pain, eyesight issues etc.

All the technologies have advantages as well as disadvantages we must use them for good purposes only.

IPL Full Form | Details


IPL full Form is Indian Premier League. It is a professional T20 (20 overs in each inning) league. This league is played during April and May every year from 2008. The Indian Premier League was started in the year 2008. It is organized under BCCI that stands for Board of Control for Cricket in India.

The first edition of IPL (Indian Premier League) was played in 2008. The format of tournament is “Double round-robin league and Playoffs”. There are 8 number of teams competing each other which are named on different cities and states of India. Most successful teams of Indian Premier League are Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have won 3 titles each. The highest runs in the history of Indian Premier League are scored by Suresh Raina who scored 4985 runs in total. Whereas, Lasith Malinga is the highest wicket taker with 154 wickets.

Cricket’s most attended league in the world is Indian Premier League. According to 2014 Indian Premier League, was ranked sixth(6th) with respect to the average attendance among all leagues of sports. In 2010 IPL became first sports event to get broadcasted live on YouTube. Currently, Indian Premier League is rated at the approximately US$6.3 billion. According to BCCI press release 201 seasons of IPL alone was responsible for US$182 million.

Awards in IPL

There are two awards for the best performers of each season of IPL that is Orange Cap and Purple Cap.

1. Orange Cap:
It’s awarded to top league scorer for the whole season, and the cap holder has to wear it in each and every match of the tournament.

2. Purple Cap:
It’s awarded to top league wicket-taker for a whole season, and the cap holder has to wear it in each and every match of the tournament.

The IPL full form Indian Premier League is broadcasted by Sony Pictures and World Sports Group for ten years rated at approximately US$ 1 billion. Internationally matches are broadcasted in different countries such as Australia, Pakistan, UK, USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh.

Advantages of IPL:

1. It plays really important part in producing and improving the rising talent.
2. It provides some good revenue to stadiums which is really helpful in improving the infrastructure of the stadium.
3. The earnings of the tournament are really helpful in improving countries GDP and overall economy.
4. Its only a 3 to 4 hours game which is watched by maximum people and stadiums are full to watch entertaining matches.
5. It allows talent to show their skill to get into there international teams.

Disadvantages of IPL:

1. According to the critics it spoils talent due to money and glamour.
2. Many times it causes fitness issues and injuries which take away a player’s chance of playing international matches.
3. It doesn’t give the sentiment of amusement and extreme contention is missing and consequently it has turned out to be more similar to a motion picture or every day cleanser musical drama and the watcher overlooks the match when it is done which isn’t the situation with test match or one day cricket matches which are recollect for quite a long time and players execution are additionally associated with ages.

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  • Top 5 destinations in North India

    North India being a land of harsh seasons offers you the most beautiful creations of nature and by human beings as a travel points to you and your family. All places give you the best hotel lists and options to travelling means. All these places are nearby so you can plan a week trip and visit all places. The best thing is the continuous service by Indian Railway and local bus.

    1. New Delhi:

    The capital city has international airport and the most flexible Metro service. It offers you Qutub Minar, India Gate, Red Fort, Rajpath, Humayun Mahal, Birla Mandir, Lotus Temple, The Gupta age Iron pillar, Jama Masjid as main tourist destinations to visit and enjoy. The beauty of Delhi city is accessibility and flexibility of communication means. The Noida is a modern industrial town in Delhi is an area must visit. New Delhi has the range of hotels that one can blindly plan tour to visit. The best time is between October-December. Yamuna Expressway is the route from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh. If you are planning New Delhi and Agra trip you can plan it without any tension as the route is one of the best in every sense.

    2. Shimla:

    It is one of the heavenly places on the earth. It used to be summer capital of British Administration. The nature and its wonder take away all your time. It is one of the honeymoon destinations. Apple garden and cottage hotel’s with Himalayan ranges in the back and jungles of Cedar, Spruce, Pinus, White Oak gives you the most beautiful memories of life. The best season to visit in March-June.

    3. Mussoorie:

    It is one of the famous hill stations. It’s famous Mussoorie lake, Lakkar Bazar (A market specializing in wooden toys and crafts), Adventure Park, Lal-Tibba Scenic Point, Gun Hill point Municipal Garden and Kempty falls are few location where you can have the best time with your beloved ones. Other attractive locations include-Scandal point, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Kali Bari Temple, The Ridge, Mall road Jakhoo (famous for Iconic statues). Though it is famous among married couples but families also are great visitors here throughout the year. The best time to visit in March-June.

    4. Chandigarh:

    The capital city of Punjab and Haryana is famous for Rock Sculpture. It is India’s first planned city. This city is designed by Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier. Other place to visit is Sukhna Lake famous for foreign birds, Zakir Husain Garden,Chhatbir Zoo, Open Hand Museum an Nada sahib. Chandigarh Museum and art gallery, Le Corbusier Center, Chandigarh Capitol Complex and Elante Mall,Giant open-hand Monument are few other attractions.

    5. Dal Lake:
    Dal Lake

    The heaven on the earth Jammu and Kashmir is famous for Dal Lake. The saffron farming in the foothills of mighty Himalaya haunts you. The famous Shikara Boat ride is the main tourist attraction. These Shikara boat has proper house inside. The famous floating market of Dal Lake fulfills your all basic requirements.

    31 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Technology Facts

    Technology facts

    The new inventions of technology has helped a lot in transforming the lifestyle of people, if humans today have reached the moon and mars, it is all about technology, but technology has not only positively influenced people’s lifestyle. Some of its negative effects are also on the lifestyle of man, but in this competitive society, if a person has to continue moving forward then the technology will have to take help. Some interesting facts which are linked to technology and how it has helped change our world and make lifestyle easier-

    1. According to one figure, it has been found that daily 160 billion email send out of which 97% are email spam.

    2. The word WWW which is called the World Wide Web created in 1990 by Tim beeners Lee

    3. Three of the world’s largest companies, Apple Google and hp companies, started with a garage, even Amazon also started at a small level.

    4. At present, the total number of people in the world is 7.5 billion, out of which about 5 billion people have mobile.

    5. 20% of all the videos uploaded on YouTube are related to music only.

    6. The HTC company that makes mobile at this time had the dream of creating an Android phone first but it could not do it.

    7. Which mouse we use on computers nowadays, it used to be a wooden mouse.

    8. Where people in India use mobile to make most calls, there are 80 million people in the USA who use mobile only to run the internet.

    9. Though human blinks 20 times their eyes in a minute, when they sit in front of computer, this figure decreases to just 7.

    10. Microsoft window tutorial is also known by another name and its name is “crash course”.

    11. Google’s power consumption is about 15 billion kilowatt. This power is so much that many countries operate their work even under less electricity.

    12. Mosaic is the first browser that was released in 1993, then this browser was also a huge hit.

    13. Google’s search engine produces so much carbon dioxide (CO2) that we can boil the tea in the kettle.

    14. If you find any bug in Facebook, then Facebook gives you $ 500 reward.

    15. Where on one side the whole world is a Twitter and YouTube addict, the same thing in China is the Ban.

    16. We all know that China is very much ahead in the field of technology, but here we want to tell you that 70% of all mobile phones currently in the world are made in China only.

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    17. The message that we send in mobile by text, 90% of the messages are read within just 3 minutes.

    18. Nokia Company’s first mobile was released in 1980.

    19. Facebook, which is currently the largest platform of social media, its color blue is because Mark Zuckerberg can not see red and green colors.

    20. Today only almost 25% of the people, who use keyboards in the world, can type without seeing the keyboard.

    21. If you also use mobile phone while charging, then due to this the risk of damaging your battery is high and at the same time there is a high risk of battery burst, hence days the charger lead is given so small.

    22. More than 200 million computers are traced every year in the USA.

    23. Cabir A was the first mobile virus that was found first in mobile, it was first found in 2004.

    24. Amazon, the world’s largest online company, was known as the first Cadabra.

    25. We have to pay money to buy the domain today, it was available free before September 14, 1995.

    26. Where TV took 13 years to reach the number of people who took just 4 years to reach the Internet.

    27. The first banner ads on the website were shown in 1994.

    28. The eBay Company deal around $ 680 every second.

    29. Nowadays, the need for mobile people has become such that 90 percent of people keep the mobile just so close to themselves that whenever they want their hands to reach their mobile.

    30. Email which is used for mail service is the world’s oldest web.

    31. Spam Mail also way of earns some money. Anthony Greco was first person who was arrested in 2005 to send spam mail.

    Salman Rushdie Famous Books

    Salman Rushdie
    About The Author

    Rushdie is an indian born British writer .He was introduced to the world by his book ‘midnight children ‘ which is canvassed with ‘magic realism’ . He has unique art of story telling which cannot preclude but make us fall in love with the writing skills of Rushdie. He has received enormous awards for literature. His books are translated into forty different languages and even adopted into movies.

    1. Midnight Children

    The story of this novel received great accolades when it came out in public eye .This is the one of the most successful novels of 20th century as well as awarded the Booker Prize in 1981. It portrays the images of first thirty one years of independence . Saleem Sinai , protagonist , one of the 1001 children who born at the midnight hour of independence with incredible abilities .
    This novel also depicts how life of Saleem goes hand in hand with the history of India after independence .Rushdie’s proficiency over story telling and his unique style of ‘magic realism’, listed the novel as one of the Great Books of the 20th Century by Penguin Books. Narrative style of the novel is allegorical.

    2. The Satanic Verses
    The satanic verses

    It is one of the most controversial novel that ever written by this renowned writer. After this novel a fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie owing to which he had to live a solitary life for years under British protection . A line from this book that depicts about entire controversy “From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.This book is not easy to fathom. It divides into nine parts and conundrum with so many sub-plots, it stretches the story of two actors from India Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha after their plane crashes . This book won the Whitbread Award for novel of the year.

    3. Haroun and the Sea
    Haroun and the sea

    Salman rushdie’s remarkable book which is a perfect bedtime story for children. This novel unfolds in 12 chapters0 .I literally marvel at the skills of Salman Rushdie that how beautifully he wrote children’s book after an extreme controversial novel .this playful and light hearted novel he wrote for his son adds icing on his art of story telling .it is bit complex and lengthy ,covered with fantastic tales.

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