20 interesting Human Brain facts

1. Left part of our mind control right part and right part of mind control left part.

2. Brain can damage if we did not get oxygen till 5 minute.

3. The capacity of memorizing of our mind is unlimited. It never be like laptop and mobile.

4. Brain can be sharp by playing puzzle, video game and mind game.

5. We feel fear because of amygdala part in our mind. If we remove this part from mind then we can be fearless.

6. Mind covers only 2% part of our body.

7. Scientists have proved it that who reads book continuously his mind more sharper than who don’t read books.

8. When we think a lot about something then our mind stop working.

9. In every day 60 to 70 thousands thoughts comes in our mind. In this 70% thoughts are negative and only 2% thoughts are those on which we think deeply.

10. We are able to use only 5 to 6 percent of our mind in whole life.

11. Our mind get develop 95% upto 5 year and it takes 18 year to develop 100%.

12. Mind is most omentum part of our body. It consist 60% omentum.

13. Those children who learn two languages till 5 years. Their mind structure is different from normal child.

14. First information about mind received from 6 thousand old suber.

15. With the help of yoga we can reduce tension of our mind upto 80%

16. In a research which held in Chicago find that only smell of apple can reduce tension and headache.

17. Men uses their mind 10% more in comparison to women.

18. The weight of mind of normal person can be 1500 gram.

19. 5 parts of our mind work together when we laugh.

20. Human mind is pain free because there is no vein in our mind.

Why Experience and Hard Work are Important

Once in a while there were lots of people use to live in a village. In these there was a blind man who could not see anything and there was one another man who could not walk because he was lame by both legs. One day because of one man who was burning stubbles of wheat near the village at that time whole village started to burn.
People of village tried to control the fire but they could not therefore all men started to run out of village meanwhile those two persons one is blind and another crippled started to shout please save us also but nobody paid attention on them and all were busy to saved their members of family.
Blind man was understanding what was going there and also feeling the flame of fire but the reason of blindness he could not run anywhere and in another side the one who was cripple watching everything but he could not have run anywhere also.
They both were shouting a lot and begging for help but nobody helped them and in a blink of a moment whole village people run away except this two. After seeing it cripple man told to the blind man that you took me on your back so that i would guide you and you would follow it so in this way we would get out of this problem.
The man who was blind liked this suggestion and got ready to take him on his back in this way both came out from that place to safe one.

Moral of the Story:

The elegant of this story is related to our life-

The eye of old man is related to the “experience” and the legs of youth means “hard work” if they both work together then everywork can be done with maturity, perfection and without spent a lot of time on any work.

“The experience and hard work complements each other.”

Rise of the E-Cigarette

To get rid of smoke is not cup of tea for everyone. Is there any alternate option for conventional one?
ARE you accusted to smoke and want to get rid of smoke? If yes

Then it is good news for you because till now government has been cautioning us against the vaping (e-cigarette) that is also very harmful for our health like conventional ones. But a study of NORTH EAST HILLS UNIVERSITY (NEHU) has stated that vaping or electronics nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is less harmful for our health as compared to the conventional one. Another study of university of catania also find that no evidence of a lung injury amongst the heaviest E-CIGARETTE users in the any form like – physiological and clinical etc. In this study It is also observed that no changes in the blood pressure or heart rate of young E-CIGERETTE users. This result is based on those young adults who have never smoked and another group of daily E-CIGARETTE users aged between 23 to 35 years.

So it is good news for those who want to get rid of Cigarette but is not able to do. Now they can switch to E-CIGARETTE instead of cigarette. This will not harm as much as conventional ones.

3 major benefits of vaping in comparison to smoke:

• Health
Use of tobacco free products are much better than those who consists tobacco. Tobacco is very harmful for health. We have enough evidence to shows that vape is less harmful. Those, who are worry about their health and can not get rid of smoking, vaping is best choice.
• Addiction
Vape is less fascinating than smoking. In a research it is find that ex-smokers who thought they would never get rid of cigarette have swiched to vaping and later realized that they could take it or leave it.
• Convenience
In many places vape is socially acceptable where smoking is not. You need not to step outside of one’s offices or bar if you are using vaping. Vape has also less health impact on bystanders.

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics is used to identify, model, analyze and predict trends of sales which helps to determine the success of sales drive on the basis of the previous result and to forecast the sales. Data may be taken from various sources such as transactions, surveys and then analyzed. For better result relevant data is mined in order to make relationships and to forecast future sales based on the previous sales data that will be useful for the organization.

Organizations which want to forecast the sales have dedicated data mining experts or data analyst who finds the hidden relationship and trends which can be further used to provide a more accurate result for forecasting. So that the organizations have enough information to act on and discover new information.

An example of Sales Analytics: Google analytics and Web analytics are designed to track consumer activity on the web. Through this data get collected regarding a website that all visitor visited, this can be either in log files or it may be a cookie and then this information is analyzed to determine whether in which page visitor visited and if it is E-Commerce website whether he has purchased that product or not. In Social Network, it is analyzed in order to find out the most visited visitor and help to determine whether a social campaign which was created is fruitful or not.

How Customer Analytics helps in identifying high value Customers?

Customer analytics is the process of identifying the customer’s insight, which is necessary for the organizations to deliver offers that are anticipated and relevant, based on their interaction through various channels. It is the behavior based marketing approach, which focuses on customer retention. Customer Analytics is about unlocking the hidden value of your data and turns your data into something that you can use to drive your business further, faster and smarter.

Customer Analytics guides you to examine captures consumer behavioral data, and give you a richer, deeper understanding of your end-user data that help to segment the market. Customer Analytics give you the information that makes you stay ahead of your audience’s consideration and purchasing behavior to ensure you always deliver the right need, at the right time and in the right way. The result obtained from the data can be used for forecasting. Data mining techniques are used with Customer analytics. The online analytical tool gives the online capability to analyze the data. The data obtained from this tool can provide best results for the organization to find ways to increase their sales.

Importance of Customer Analytics:

1. To know customer’s buying behavior i.e. how the customer will behave when interacting with your Organization. This helps you to forecast further for organization growth.
2. To know customer’s buying preferences. So that you will be more successful at delivering relevant offers that attract them.

The goal of customer analytics is to make the perfect view of the customer for the group to work and make decisions about how to identify high-value customers, acquire and retain them.