19 Amazing Ocean Facts

Oceans cover most of our planet and are one of the biggest mysteries of mankind. The World’s oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold. 40% of the world oceans are affected by human activities, including pollution and of coastal habitats. To dwell more in the oceans and to make you eager to learn more, here are 19 facts about Ocean:

1. The oceans are covered around 70.5 percent of the Earth surface.

2.The oceans are spreading around 360 million square kilometers, Which are the 9 times the area of the Moon.

3. Nearly 98% of the water in the world is in the sea and 2% in rivers, lakes, and geology etc.

4. The Pacific Ocean is considered the most dangerous ocean in terms of an earthquake.

5. The Red Sea, located between Africa and Asia, is the most saline ocean in the world.

6. The hottest e-water is of Indian Ocean.

7. Antarctic Ocean is the only Ocean where iceberg floats.

8. World’s largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean. it is spreading nearly 59 million square miles.

9. Due to the high volume of sodium chloride in seawater its taste is salty Georgia Line.

10. The scientist believes that the sea would have been come in exist almost 100 million years ago from today.

11. The word “Tsunami” has been taken from the Japanese language and its meaning “great waves”.

12. According to the scientist, the origin of life in the earth was first in the ocean.

13. There are five major oceans in the world and they are – Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific ocean and Southern ocean.

14. In Hindu scriptures, the sea is divided into 7 parts.

15. The smallest creature in the ocean is plankton.

16. The biggest creature is found in oceans is “blue whale” and you would be surprised to know that the weight of tongue of the Blue whale is equal to an elephant.

17. According to scientific study, it is found that over 2 lakh species of living organisms vary in the ocean.

18. Fish are considered to be the main organism of the sea. Myriad species of fishes are found in oceans.

19. There is the place in the Atlantic ocean called the “Bermuda Triangle”. According to some reports around 100 airplanes have been missing in this area.

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