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One among the most beautiful city in America or world the New York city is known across the planet for the various reason take as example then like ‘statue of liberty”, times square and cinemas etc. but except these, there is a lot to know and today we will talk about that let’s talk-

1.New York is a very beautiful city because of this every year around 60 million people come to visit here.

2.In a lab of the new york city, the eyes of great scientist Albert Einstein are kept.

3.In this city, same-sex people can marry if they want. This is not illegal here.

4.The invention of the toilet paper took place in this city in 1857.

5.If we leave Israel then this is the most populous city where Jewish people live.

6.There is a skyscraper in this city such that it does not have a single window.

7.Playing the horn of the car without any emergency in new york city is illegal. It means you can play horn in an emergency only.

8.In a research which was conducted in 2014 it was founded that new york city is the unhappiest city of America.

9.On November 28, 2012, there was not a single big crime happened in this city. that is a record.

10.One out of every 38 American people in the new york city has lived or is living.

11.In the new york schools, 21 percent of the children who study in primary classes are victims of obesity.

12.Almost in every 4 minutes a child born in new york city.

13.New York is the largest city in America.

14.New York City is the most populous city in America since 1790.

15.The new york city name was “New Amsterdam” until 1664.

16.In the new york roaming topless is not illegal.

17.In this city people commit suicide more than murders.

18.The “Pinball” game In the new york city was banned until 1978.

19.In every 9 minutes, a person died in the New York.

20.In the 9/11 attacks, the new york city suffered a loss of approximately 30 billion dollars or 2 lakh crore.

21.The population the new city is 1 crore.

22.The residents of the new york city drink 7 times more coffee than the other cities of the US.

23.There are more than 800 languages are spoken in this city which is highest in the whole world in comparison to other cities.

24.In this year there will become a world’s first underground park.

25.In New York City you need to pay 1 million dollars to get the job of a Taxi driver.

26.The residents of the New York city by calling the 311 number can get the free condoms and oil for their self.

27.In every 21 people of New York one is military.

28.37 percent people among who live here have been born in some other country.

29.The one-way airplane ticket is paid by the new york city to the homeless person if they have the guarantee to live somewhere else.

30.The average rent for a bedroom in a new york city is 3400 dollar.

31.In the new york city there are almost 1600 pizza’s restaurants.

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