30 Amazing Mongolia Facts that you didn’t know

Mongolia, which is a parliamentary republic, is located in East and Central Asia whose boundaries are with Russia and China. The formation of this country was done in 209 BC by Xiongnu empire, while the reign of Mongol Empire was established in 1206.

Let’s know about this country and some of the magnificent facts associated with history, economy and culture of this country-

1. Mongolia’s capital is Ulan bataar. In this city, approximately 38 percent of people live in Mongolia.

2. Mongolia’s official language is Mongolian

3. Mongolia country is smaller than Alaska.

4. Mongolia has the highest Buddhism and its population is 53%, while the Islamic people here are the most followed, shamanism and Christian people also live here.

5. In 2011 there was a wrestling competition, in which more than 6000 wrestlers took part. This competition is the biggest competition in the world and has also been included in Guinness World Records Book.

6. Mongolia was independence from China’s qing dynasty on December 29, 1911, while Mongolia People’s Republic was founded on November 26, 1924.

7. Mongolia has approximately 13 times more horses than humans, while the number of wolves is 35 times higher than in humans.

8. The Mongolia that is known throughout the world is actually the outer historic area of Mongolia, while its interior is still a state of China.

9. In terms of area, Mongolia is the 18th largest country in the world, spread over 1566,000 square kilometers.

10. Gobi Desert, which is in Mongolia, is Asia’s largest desert and the world’s fifth largest desert.

11. The population of Mongolia is 1,30,24 950 according to the 2018 data, which makes it the world’s 137th largest country.

12. Snow leopards that are found in Mongolia and also found in other places besides but one-third of the population is only in Mongolia.

13. The population of Mongolia contributes 0.04 percent of the world’s population.

14. Mongolia is also known as Land of Blue Sky because here the weather is clear throughout most of the year.

15. Mongolia’s population density is 2 kilometer square.

16. Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world, the height here is approximately 1580 meters.

17. Two hump camels are also found in Mongolia, it is considered to be one of the main animals of Mongolia and a festival is celebrated every year for them.

18. In 2002, Taiwan officially identified Mongolia as an independent country and it was removed from the map of China.

19. There is a tribe found in Mongolia, which is known as the rendeer, the people of this tribe work to train the wolf, bears and eagles.

20. Mongolia country is a land lock country.

21. Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites is also located in Mongolia.

22. Most people in Mongolia reside in the capital city and according to the figures, 2018 2259 340 people reside in the capital city, which is equal to 72.5% of Mongolia total population.

23. Mongolia Stock Exchange is the world’s smallest country in terms of capitalist and it is made up of a newly built children’s cinema.

24. Changez Khan, who was a very famous warrior in Mongolia, was included in the list of 25 Most important Political Icon of All Time in 2011 by Time Magazine.

25. The traditional costume of Mongolia is also known as the “deal”.

26. Even today, Mongolia works only on the basis of China’s “One China policy”.

27. Some residents of Mongolia live in traditional homes, which are known as yurts, this is a type of tents that can be easily taken anywhere.

28. More than 36% of Mongolia’s population is less than 18 years, which means that Mongolia is a young nation.

29. The name of the national game of Mongolia is bokh It is a kind of wrestling.

30. There is national drink in India is tea, where the national drink of Mongolia is am milk which known as airag.

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