What should You Value Most, Wealth Love or Success?

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Once upon a time three saint came into one village. seeing those saints coming in, a woman invited them to come her home.
Woman told to them- All of you come in and eat.
One of three saints asked to woman that is your husband at home? Women replied my husband is not at home he is gone to the farm and come back at the evening.
Listen to this, saints said – then we will come only when your husband is at home.
In the evening, the husband of that lady came home so the woman told whole sentences and after hearing this her husband told – now I am at home, you call those saints.
That woman went to outside and invited them again. Then saints said we don’t go together at one home. Then woman asked “why so”?
Saints replied and introduced themselves my name is “wealth” and second one said my name is success and last one said I am love.
Only one of the three can come in. You decide with your family members who you want to call inside the house.
Listening to this, woman went in and told her husband everything then her husband suggest that we should call “MONEY” inside. Our house will be filled with happiness when it comes to money.
But wife of that husband said we should call
“SUCCESS” inside the house.
All these were listening to their daughter.
She suggested her parents that we should call in “LOVE”. Because there in nothing greater than love.
Hearing this her parents said you are saying absolutely right we should call firstly “LOVE” inside.
Woman went out of home and said “we want to invite love”. All of you whose name is love come inside the house and receives food.
As soon as “love” grew to go inside the house, both of them followed the money and success.
Seeing this woman asked astonishingly – I have just invited the “love” why are you following him?
So one of them answered if you had invited money or success – only one of them would come in.
But you have invited love, because the money and success have to go back and forth on where love happens.


This story teaches every person that we become so busy in money and success that love is lost in our lives; it does not seem to be known, whereas real wealth and success is “love”.

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