18 Amazing Las Vegas Facts that you will be interested

Las Vegas is located in the US state of Nevada, it is the 28th most populous city in the United States, while it is the most populous city in the Nevada state. Las Vegas is known for shopping and entertainment around the world. This city other than the name of Los Vegas known as Sun City, City of Lights, The Gambling Capital of the World etc.-

Let’s talk about the facts related to this beautiful place

1. The number of hotels in Las Vegas is very high if one person stays in one room only at one hotel, it is taking approximately 288 years to stay in the room.

2. More than 40 million people come to roam every year in Los Vegas only.

3. In the year 1980, the hospital had evicted all its employees because the staff here had bet on the patient’s survival or death. Even a nurse had a kill man to win the bet.

4. There is a tower built to monitor Las Vegas that is about 1100 feet high and it is called America’s largest observation tower.

5. If seen from the perspective of space, then Las Vegas is the brightest city seen from the space, hence the city is also known as the Light city.

6. A beam light located in Las Vegas is considered the world’s brightest beam light and people can see light from at least 100 kilometers away.

7. There is a rule going on in casinos of Las Vegas that if a person joins the Black Book, then that person can not have entered casino again.

8. In the case of the hotel, Los Vegas is also Famous because 17 of the 20 largest hotels in the US are the only in Los Vegas.

9. The prostitution in Las Vegas is completely illegal.

10. A report has found that more than 1000 people live in underground tunnels here.

11. Las Vegas is also famous for the wedding because there are more than 300 married happened every day.

12. If you play gambling in Los Vegas casino then be careful because the staff here is very smart and specializes in theft and fraud.

13. The city of Los Angeles spreads 135 square miles.

14. MGM is the second largest hotel in the world in term of the hotel room and it is the largest hotel in Las Vegas.

15. Today even though Los Vegas has been lost in glare, but there are still many people who do not even have a house to live.

16. All the fountain and man-made lake in Los Vegas are currently being used by recycling water which comes out of the bathtub or in shower.

17. Las Vegas is also known as The Gambling Capital of the World because the casino hotels are very large quantity where you can easily go and play gambling.

18. Las Vegas has approximately 650,000 population.

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