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Kiran Desai (daughter of author Anita Desai) is a renowned Indian author who acquire writing skill from legacy. She left the India at the age of 14, lived one year in England, finally moved to the USA with her mother where she studied creative writing in Columbia University and Hollins University. Kiran has won numerous awards for her manuscripts including Man Booker Prize in 2006 for her novel. “The Inheritance of Loss” and Betty Trask Award for her 1st novel “Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard” in 1998. She has also listed as 20 most influential global Indian women by “The Economics times”. Here let us discuss about her books:


PAGES – 335

This is second novel, which is written by Kiran Desai, published in 2006 and won many awards. This novel’s story revolves around the “Sai”, the granddaughter of Jemubhai (a judge) who lives Himalaya’s mountainous “kalimpong” and wants to retire in peace and another one “Biju” the Jemubhai’s cook’s son, an illegal Indian immigrants work in restaurant in New York city to earn money and live a new life. In this novel each character has own guilt that how have they been living their life till now and want to redemption it. Jemubhai is struggling with his wife murder, which he did, sai and her tutor “Gyan” love each other but can’t marry to him because she belongs to elite class and Jemubhai cooks also worries about his son.
Each character of this books struggle with two worlds one is tradition of India and another is western culture. Through these characters Desai shows that how English Indians has forgotten to live life with our tradition and culture. This is the brilliant novel of Kiran, which applauded hugely across the world that gives reader joy and despair.


PAGES – 210

“Hullaballo in the Guava Orchard” is the first novel of Kiran Desai in which she narrate the story of “Sampath Chawla”, born at the shahkot village of Punjab, is young boy who is insincere and run away from his responsibility. After years of failures he decided to leave the village in search of quite place to contemplation, climbs into the guava tree where he gets famous unexpectedly as a clairvoyant, and become a “Holy Man”. Firstly he enjoyed this but later he become weary from all this both the situations brings unlimited humorous consequences. This novel of “Kiran” makes you laugh if you tired reading serious heavy stuff with her amazing blend of allure and humor.

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