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Jhumpa Lahiri, born in July 1967 in England, is well known American author who won the “Pulitzer prize” for “Interpreter of Maladies” in 2000 in her debut novel. Presently she is in Princeton University and work as a creating writing professor. Let’s discuss those books of author which make her so glorious and memorable-


PAGES – 341

This novel of Jhumpa Lahiri nominated for numerous awards and won the DSC prize for South Asian literature in 2014. This is the legend of two brothers, Udayan and Subhash Mitra, born in Calcutta. These two are very close to each other and can say inseparable but fate has different strategies for them. They both are different in nature where Subhash leaves his home and went to America to continue his Education and want to become a scientific researcher while Udayan involved in Naxalite movement. Ahead he meets with Gauri and fall in love with her in first meeting then Udayan propose her and she accepts but they have never a family and later he was shot and killed by soldier. Subhash come to India after listening to this to look after his shattered family. Subhash propose to Gauri to marry him, who is pregnant with Udayan Child, she accepts the proposal and get marry with him and go to America with him where she gives birth to “Bela”. The lowland is very intricately woven novel, which tells the story of relationship between two brothers that gives us hope and despair with Jhumpa’s devastating work.


PAGES – 290

Ashoke Ganguli with her wife, who is pregnant and deliver her child, lives in Massachusetts (in1968) that is new city for them. The delivery has successful and they want to leave hospitals but can’t leave because they have to give name to their child for the legal birth certificate. Hence, Ashoke and Ashima are Bengalis and belongs to Calcutta so they have custom that the name of newborn baby is given by their grandmother. So they waited for the letter, which was sent by grandmother that carries the name of new born baby but that never arrives. So Ashoke decide to keep the name “gogol” after the Russian writer who rescued Ashoke’s life when he was injured in train clash. As Gogal grow up, he realized that his name is very unusual and dislike it. He changed his name legally “Nikhil” before joining the Yale University. But later he regret on change his name when his father told the story behind his name and read those books which his father presented him at the fourteen birthday. This is first full novel of Jhumpa Lahiri, which also adapted for the film.


PAGES – 200

The “Interpreter of Maladies” is debut novel of Jhumpa Lahiri, which won “Pulitzer prize for fiction” in 1999. This novel consists nine small stories about the Indians and those who lives in America. Those nine stories are –
1. A Temporary Matter.
2. When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine.
3. Interpreter of Maladies.
4. A Real Durwan.
5. Sexy.
6. Mrs. Sen’s.
7. This Blessed House.
8. The Treatment of Bibi Haldar.
9. The Third and Final Continent.

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