Is England a Country or a State

If you think that England is a Country then you are thinking wrong because England is not a country, this is a state but it has got autonomy on a different level but this is a part of the United Kingdom.
Indeed, the United Kingdom is made up of four countries and those four states are – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These all form the United Kingdom together, but these four countries have their own rules, England’s has owned its rules. While the rules of the wales are different from England, the culture here is very different from each other.
When these four states meet, they form a country which is known as the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom flag is made up of the four national flag.
People often call the United Kingdom England, but the United Kingdom is wrong to say England because the United Kingdom is made up of four countries, while England is just a part of it.
The United Kingdom is a country, while in Great Britain it is considered Ireland and England are considered to be part of this Ireland.

Information Related to England
England used to be a separate country before 1707, but after 1707 it merged with Scotland and made a new country, which is named Britain, and after that, another country was added to England with 1800, England and Scotland When Ireland meets the three countries, then these three countries are to be known in the name of Great Britain, and when these three countries are added to the wales Then it is called by the name of the United Kingdom.

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