Who invented Mobile Phone and 8 amazing Mobile Facts

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The world’s first mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper, an American Engineer on April 3, 1973. He was the first to showcase the mobile in front of the world, which was for the general public. Martin Cooper invented this mobile with the association of Motorola company that was the leading brand of that time and later he also became the CEO of this company. He was also honored with the “Marconi Award” in 2013 for the invention of it.

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Did you know that even before the mobile was invented?
First of all, the idea to make the portable handsets is given by the Joel Engel, who was the head of Bell Laboratories and this idea is patented by AT and T company in 1947. Later, after 1950 first wireless phone was introduced but it was only used by the army.

Some facts related to mobile:
1. In Today’s life, Cell Phone takes just 1 hour to charge and its battery backup remains 2 to 3 days but do you know that the world’s first mobile took 10 hours to get charged and its Battery backup was just 20 minute.

2. The weight of the world’s first mobile battery was 5 times higher than today’s battery.

3. In 1991, 2G technology was started in Finland.

4. In 1983, Motorola first introduced the mobile handset and its price was ₹ 2 lakh and this mobile name was Dyna TAC 8000x.

5. China manufactured 70% of mobile phones.

6. More than 80% of adults in the United States own mobile phone.

7. Mobile Phone industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.

8. 90% of mobile phones are waterproof in Japan because the adults use them even while taking shower.

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