24 interesting Russia Facts that you didn’t heard

Russia is world’s largest country which occupies one-tenth of all the land on Earth. The official language is Russian. It also has other languages co-official in various regions of Russia. In 2011, Russia became the world’s leading oil producer. Here are some cool 24 facts about Russia, see them all below:

Facts About Russia:

1. Russia the largest country in the world with the area of 17.1 million square kilometers.

2. Russia is larger than the Pluto planet in the area.

3. Consumption of alcohol in Russia is very high, every person in Russia drinks average 18 liters of alcohol in a year.

4. In Russia, the population of women are more than men and there are 9 million female more than men.

5. Russia is the world’s first country to sent satellite into space.

6. Russia has 8400 nuclear weapons that are most in comparison to another country.

7. In 1867, the United State had purchased “Alaska” (presently a state of US) from Russia in only 46 million.

8. The record of giving birth to most children is the name of Russian women. She gave birth 69 children.

9. Nearly 100 people in Russia have 30% of the total Assets of the country.

10. Siberian plain is the largest field in the world.

11. Russia is the only nation in the world, whose border touches 12 seas.

12. Russia is the world largest producer of Uranium and America is in the second position.

13. Russian people believe that to shake hands on the door is inauspicious and it causes dispute.

14. Russia is the second largest producer of the oil in the world just after Saudi Arabia.

15. In 1908, the Imperial Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days late for their game because Russian people were not using the Gregorian Calendar.

16. Due to alcohol, 25% of Russia’s people died at the age of 55.

17. More than 5 million people dead every year in Russia due to alcohol.

18. Sometimes in Russia, vodka is given to teachers as a salary.

19. A ruler of Russia, “Peter” impose tax on the wierd.

20. It is believed that there are over 10 cities in Russia, those names and addresses are all secrets.

21. In 2011, beverages were declared as normal drinks in Russia, which contain less than 10% alcohol.

22. In the Moscow City of Russia, the traffic is so high that some Russia’s rich people use “fake ambulance” to avoid traffic.

23. There is a lake “Baikal” that contains 20% of the world’s pure water.

24. To drive the dirty car in Russia is a crime for this you need to pay penalty.

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