22 Interesting Facts About North Korea

North Korea,located in East Asia is one of those countries which are noted across the Globe due to its bad reputation. Individuals believe that in this nation sustenance is not so straightforward but this total believe rely on Estimation of outside agencies and it is not so what these agencies said is not unquestionable. by the nobody has aware with authentic state of affairs of North Korea. Let’s Explore some interesting facts about North Korea –

1.North Korea has own internet network and it is in the Korean language.

2.Citizens of North Korea cannot buy the car it is not allowed by the government of there. But those who are in the army and some other officers can purchase the car.

3.People of North Korea can not cut any hair by their own wish. There are limited hairstyles. 28 for the women and only 10 for men.

4.All people of North Korea cannot use the internet. There are only 605 individual who can use the Internet.

5.In North Korea the use of the hashish or hemp is legal.

6.In North Korea, there are only 3 T.V. channels. Among these 3 one is Government channel.

7.North Korea does not follow the calendar years. This time there 107th year is going on unless 2018.

8.Unlike to other countries in North Korea in the school, there are only 2 chapters are taught in the related to history and in which students learn about the saga of the “Kim Jong-un”.

9.Google and Facebook are not legal in North Korea.

10.In this country to watch the porn videos is not allow and if you found to watch these kinds of videos then you will be sentenced to death.

11.In North Korea, at the date of 8 July and 17 September, you cannot celebrate anything if you will do this then you will be punished.

12.In this nation nobody can wear the jeans.

13.People of North Korea can not paint their home on their own wish. They need to paint the grey color on their home as the rule of the government.

14.Individuals of this country cannot leave their country the government of here does not allow them to go outside the country.

15.To read the bible even to keep it in the house is not granted in North Korea.

16.All the rules those are in North Korea does not apply to the Kim Jong-un and his Family.

17.In North Korea, in every five years, an election takes place but the people of this country has no for choosing them except the Kim Jong-un.

18.In this nation, the foreigners cannot keep their mobile with them if they go to visit this country. Their mobile is confiscated at the airport.

19.Here nobody can click the photo of the baggers.

20.The government of North Korea made a fake city “kijong dong” just to lure the people south Korea.

21.In the house of North Korea, a radio is fixed by the government of here to whom the individual does not have the permission to switch off it.

22.In this nation, there is a rule that if a person commits a crime then his punishment is to suffer for three generation.

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