20 interesting Facts about Desert

Where we are pleased to see the beauty of the world and see the river by looking at the river, on the other hand, we get goosebumps by listening to the name only of Desert because of they all such big and scary. If someone is lost here, it is not difficult to avoid it and here it has happened to so many people. The sad fact is that the desert is growing rapidly every year. Let’s know in this post some more facts related to the desert which will force you to think once-

1. There are two types of DESERT on the Basis of Temperature: HOT DESERT and COLD DESERT

2. DESERT has less than 25 Centimeter rain in 1 year.

3. SAHARA DESERT is the world’s largest HOT DESERT whose name is derived from an ARABIC WORD “SAHRA” which means that THE GREAT DESERT.

4. SAHARA is 3 times bigger than India, which covers 9.4 million SQUARE kilometers AREA.

5. If we talk about the most dangerous DESERT INSECTS then the first name in it is AFRICANIZED BEE, whose bite can kill people.

6. In the ARCTIC DESERT sunset takes place in 7 days so it is known as “THE LAND OF MIDNIGHT SUN”.

7. ATACAMA DESERT is the world’s driest DESERT.

8. In 1923 Dinosaur’s first EGG was Discovered in GOBI DESERT. This DESERT is the world’s fastest-growing DESERT.

9. Talk about DESERT, the world’s smallest, DESERT named “CARCROSS” in Canada and YUKAN which is spread over just 640 kilometers.

10. DESERT is increasing by 45,000 + SQUARE MILE every in 1 year and all this is due to Climate Change and Human Activitie.

11. 33% of the world’s land is barren or semi-arid.

12. INDIA’s Coldest DESERT is in Ladakh and there is a city named DRASS which is one of the coolest places in the world where people live.

13. If we talk about the largest DESERT, then ANTARCTIC DESERT is the world’s largest DESERT, which is a COLD DESERT and it is
spread around in 5.5 MILLION sq.miles.

14. SAHARA DESERT used to be green at one time, there are ancient times PAINTINGS in the caves that show that here thousands of years ago used to be RIVER and forest.

15. TEMPERATURE of SAHARA reaches 50 ° C in the summer. While 57.7 °C MEASURE of “AL AZIZIA” in the HIGHEST all-time temperature in 1922 in Libya.

16. SAHARA DESERT touches 11 countries of the world.

17. Sahara DESERT is the world’s third-largest DESERT after Antarctica and Arctic DESERT.

18. HOT DESERT meets in the Topical region while cold DESERT meets in HIGH ALTITUDE and HIGH LATITUDE.

19. The world’s largest hot desert are Sahara DESERT, Kalahari DESERT AND Thar DESERT ETC and some of the world’s Cold DESERT is Siberian DESERT, Ladakh DESERT etc.

20. Some plants and animals those are live in temperature of hot desert such as CACTUS, SHRUBS CAMELS, and LIZARDS etc. and in COLD DESERT’s Temperature, some plants and ANIMAL stay alive like – APPLE AND YAK ETC.

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