Who is the WhatsApp developer and how it was invented?

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Developed byBrain Acton and John Koum
Launched dateFebruary 24, 2009
Present UserMore than 100 crores
HeadquarterCalifornia, USA

WhatsApp was started by two friends and both of them firstly met in the Yahoo office and their name are Brian and John. They both worked together in the Yahoo office about 10 years of period and there they became very good friend and after that, both of them together in 2007 left their a job to start their own business.
Both of them went on a holiday just after leaving their job to enjoy where they had a lot of fun, comedy. John came to the idea of making WhatsApp when he was watching the movie; he thought why not I tell my friends about this movie, even without the money spent on the message.
John then told this idea to the Brian and this Idea initially found Brian hard to do but he agreed to work on it, and both of them started making WhatsApp. Both were expert in programming, but it got a lot of trouble in it, and the first problem was that when the OTP came for registration on WhatsApp, Money was deducted from the account of the users except this there was also the problem of messaging. It was messed up sometimes and never messed up. Finally, John told the acton why not make the idea of making it be left here and we hold a stable job.
But acton refuse and said that we should give WhatsApp some more time and they got to make it again, but at that time they did not have the money and they thought why we should be first work on any company and they both went to Facebook to give an interview but there was no job for them. After that, While they went to the headquarter of Twitter but they also got disappointed from there. After thinking about they decided why not everyone (friends) should be told about this project and both of them called all the friends and told about this project, then all of their friends helped them and gave them money.

After that, the WhatsApp was processed and between 2010 to 2014, they made about 600 million users in WhatsApp, after which they never looked back.

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