How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designers are without a doubt, who passionate about their career. Valuable creativity over gains of money can be their personal motto. They can be often heard to say that they don’t do it solely to make money, it’s about doing something they love. But even the most creative artists need repayment for their work and a monetary reward is the best motivation for creativity. Graphic design is a powerful skill set and one that is constantly in demand and is rising rapidly. In the digital world as there are so many different places where images and graphics are used.

If you are creative individual, serious about enhancing your skills set and want to make profits by selling your designs or accepting freelance projects. Then here are some tips, which will guide you to have additional income putting your graphic design skills to work without subjecting yourself to an excessive amount of stress.

1.Being A Freelancer Graphic Designer

Going freelance and working for yourself sounds great and idealistic for many people. If it works, it can be a great option for those who don’t want to do job for other companies. But one of the most difficult things about being a freelancer is to find clients. There are many clients who need a designer to create logo, an advertisement for their web page. As a field, freelancing can work well and for some people it becomes a full-time income. Freelancing is even a natural fit for graphic designers because they can do the work from anywhere in the world.

Regardless how much money you want to make, there is a huge competition. If you are working online, then you are competing on a global scale. Someone from India or the Europe can do the same work as half of the cost as you are offering. On the best freelance websites, you can add some of your past designs, set your own rates and request reviews from your past clients. You may take a small projects to start with, but a portfolio with your past work and positive reviews can add more value for you. Some of the popular freelancing sites include Freelance, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, 99designs, Toptal, Demand Media etc.

2.Make Smart use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is online network for professionals seeking the opportunity to be hired and to get more gigs using it, you can start sprucing up your profile and start contributing to a designer-focused groups. Freelance Graphic Design Group is a group for those who want to know what’s trending in design. So that they can improve their skills. Responding to group question will be a great way to catch the attention of Recruiters who are using linkedIn groups for recruiting.

3. Sell Digital Files Online

Another way to get a name for yourself is to start selling digital files. If you can create images, logo, advertisement you can sell online. Some websites are 500px Prime, Shutterstock, iStockphoto etc. But remember before selling your work on the web check the files which you want to sell are not under the rights.

4. Be a Consultant

If you have a skill and experience, you can give advice to people and can sell consulting services to grow their business. Many designers who don’t charge enough or they are undervalue the price for their work, need consultant. If you are consultant, you can teach other freelance designers how to multiply their success.

5.Setup your Own Graphic Design Agency

When you have your own Graphic Design firm and give employment to other designers, you can make profit from the works of your designers. You can work on multiple projects which will facilitate you to have more financial growth. If setting up an independent firm is not an affordable option for you, you may choose to enter into a partnership and work in collaboration.

6.License Your Designs

Licensing your graphic design work and building reputation takes time. In this digital era, first you need to have a strong online presence. For that you need a website, blog with a broad reach. This will help to get you recognized by the people or companies that need new designs for various purposes.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to generate revenue as a Graphic Designer.

Pull Yourself, you have valuable skills, you just need to apply yourself and be a bit clever about how will you go to maximize your income.

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