How was Facebook invented?

Facebook, developed by an American entrepreneur, is the world’s most widespread and very popular social platform now. It is the largest social network in today’s world that has connects people to one another. There are 7 billion people in the world, out of which over 2 billion are active users on Facebook.

Still, too many people do not know who made Facebook and how it came into existence?

Let’s know how Facebook was invented-
Mark Zuckerberg is the person who made Facebook. He developed messenger at a young age of 12 years, which he used the Atari BASIC to create a messaging program named “Zucknet” which his father used to in his dental clinic to maintain the update of the patients, which is told by his secretary through this messaging software in the clinic for avoiding the yelling across the room.
when the children could play games on the computer he invented the computer games for play and fun. Later, in 2002 he took admission in the Howard University.
Mark was an extremely intelligent student, in the college, there was he created a facemash app, in which all the students of the college had photographs and their details, which compared the two pictures of individuals and allow the campus students to vote which one photo is more attractive. But then some girls protested against it as objectionable due to which later it was shut down by the school administration.
In 2004, Mark created a website named Facebook, this website was only Famous only in Howard, but gradually the website was also liked in other Universities. The popularity of Facebook was increasing day by day and seeing this mark said that Facebook will no longer be limited only these universities. it will be used by people all over the world. After that mark leaves his college and make a team with his friends and start working on the Facebook website. By 2005, the name of Facebook’s website changed to Facebook.

By 2007, there were millions of business pages and profiles on Facebook, the time came when Facebook was on the whole world. By the year 2011, it was the world’s largest website and true passion and hard work were the emperors of the world.

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