Your Happiness Depends On Your Thinking

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A crow was very sad from his life. He thought that I am black and my voice is not sweet when I speak people blow me. Only then, his eyes fall on cuckoo and he went to her and asked her. You would be very happy in your life that you have a sweet voice, which people like very much then cuckoo replied that this heron is happier than me because he has both voice and look.
Hearing this he went to him and asked that you would be happy because you have both voice and look but heron denied and said this parrot is happier than me because I just got a single color but parrot has two color after hearing this crow went to parrot and said you must be happy you have sweet voice and two color again parrot replied that I am not happy this peacock is more happy than me because I have only two color but he has sweet voice and many colors.He also lives in different zoo.
People come to see him from different places and when he blossom his wings in rainy season for dancing he looks awesome.
Crow thought parrot is saying absolutely right he should be happy he has everything. Crow went to him and asked the same question and peacock replied no I am not happy. you are happier than me then crow asked why are you not happy you have sweet voice and so many color people like you then peacock answered this is the main problem people like me they come here to see me because of which my whole life goes out in cage but no crush on crows because of this your life is better than me because you don’t need to spend your life in one cage. The crow is happy to hear this.


In real life, this also happened with people. They also feel sad seeing each other thing’s and pleasure. They think he has wealth, car but I haven’t. They don’t think what I have that can give pleasure and joy in my life.

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