Golden State Warriors | Basketball Team

Golden State Warriors | Basketball Team

Golden State Warriors are a professional Basketball team of America. The origin of the team is situated in the San Francisco Bay area, Oakland. Team plays their home matches in the Oracle arena inside the Oakland. They have played many times in National Basketball Association (NBA) and emerge as a competitive and ruthless squad.

The team was accomplished in 1946 named Philadelphia Warriors situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is the first member of the Basketball Association of America (BBA) and later on it is migrated to the Bay area in 1962 and renamed as San Francisco Warriors, after setting up in San Francisco team changed their name as Golden State Warriors according to the nickname of the California state in 1971. Warrior’s team has arrived ten times in the finals of the NBA and wins the championship in 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017 and 2018. In the Statistics of Forbes, warriors are the seventh high valued franchise in the United States and tenth around the globe. According to a rough calculation, the value of the franchise is 3.1 billion dollars.

Why is the Golden State Warriors Called the Dubs?
In the NBA many teams have their nicknames for instance Mavs for Mavericks and Cavs for Cavaliers, these names are the shorten form of their original names. In 1990 the golden state warriors decide to propose a nickname to their team, they make it simply Warriors after that the fans pronounced the name warriors as W’s’ and after a short time the W from Warrior was transformed in its original pronunciation which is W’s (dub-a-u), at this time the term dubs was originate and this term become famous among younger generation in days and finally the team found their nickname as a dubs.

Best record of the NBA history
In the history of NBA, the most wins record in the single season is 73-9 wins and holds by the Golden State Warrior while Chicago Bulls in 1996 holds the record of 72 wins in the NBA history. In the year 1972, the Los Angeles Lakers win the 69 games in a single season and come at number three in the NBA history. Out of 51 teams, only 23 teams got the luck to become champions in the NBA. In these days the best teams of the NBA are golden state warriors, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. The most valuable players in the history of NBA were played on the side of warriors named Stephen Curry and Wilt Chamberlain. Warriors also had the most hall of famers on their side, 18 hall of famers played for the warriors while four have coached their team. The most valuable player of the year 2018 is James Harden of Houston Rockets while the most valuable player of warriors is Kevin Durant.

Owners of the Golden State Warriors

Warriors are the most reputed team in the current basketball game and all the credit goes to their players and their owners for their efforts to bring the name of warriors to the top. The first owner of Golden state warriors was Peter Tyrrell from 1946 to 1952 then after peter Tyrrell, the second owner of the warriors was Eddie Gottlieb. Later on, the ownership of the warriors changed many times, now in 2018, the owners of the warriors are Peter Guber and Joe Lacob since 2010. Joe Lacob is the American businessman and hold the majority ownership of the Warriors team while his partner, Peter Guber is a well-known author, educator and entrepreneur and Peter Guber is also a CEO of Mandalay Entertainment. Warriors become the champions of NBA during the ownership of Peter Tyrrell in 1947, Eddie Gottlieb in 1956, Franklin Mieuli in 1975 and Joe Lacob and Peter Guber in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

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