What is SSP Full Form and other Abbreviations

What is SSP Full Form and other Abbreviations

Nowadays, we love to use short forms for long terms. Mainly in the conversation with others in the virtual world like facebook, WhatsApp and some other very common social media. But short forms are not just only being used in social media, it is greatly using in this modern world to save time. SSP is one of those short forms, which is being used regularly. SSP stands for so many short forms. So, we are going to know the details about some most used and popular full forms of SSP as well as other full forms of it.:

SSP: System Service Processor
SSP: Species Survival Plan
SSP Full Form

These two are the most popular full form using through the world nowadays. Let’s know about those ones by one.

Information About System Service Processor (SSP)

System Service Processor is a Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC)-based computer that is used to control the Sun Microsystems Enterprise. SSP is often used to describe both the software and the computer hardware that are necessary to accomplish this task. Normally, per platform uses two System Service Processors. One is configured as Main and the other as Spare. Only the SSP can control the platform at any given time in the role of Main. Failover between Main and Spare is performed automatically by the SSP software. Sun SPARCstation 5, Sun Ultra 5, Sun Enterprise 250, Sun Netra T1 are the following systems supported for use as System Service Processors.

The System Service Processor software provides for the following functionality:
1. In the event of an out-of-bounds condition, automated domain-shutdown and environmental monitoring, such as a CPU getting too hot.
2. The destruction and creation of domains.
3. Domain booting ability.
4. Domain’s dynamic reconfiguration memory, in which CPU and Input-Output boards are added to or removed from a running domain.
5. Assign multiple paths to Input-Output devices for the increased availability
6. Display and monitor platform environmental statistics, such as currents, the temperatures and voltages present on System Boards.

Information About Species Survival Plan (SSP)

The American Species Survival Plan (SSP) program was developed in 1981 by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to help ensure the survival of selected species in zoos and aquariums, most of which are endangered or threatened in the wild. When zoo conservationists believe captive breeding programs may be the only chance to survive an animal, SSP program focus on that animal that are in danger of extinction in the wild. These programs also help to maintain genetically and healthy diverse animal populations within the zoo community.

Let’s know about other full forms of SSP.

SSP: Senior Superintendent of Police
SSP: Supplementary Special-purpose Plane
• SSP: Self Stabilizing Protocol
SSP: Synchronous Serial Port
SSP: Spontaneous Sound Phenomena

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