SP FULL FORM | Details about SP

SP FULL FORM | Details about SP

We are going to discuss SP. SP!! What is that? So, let’s know about SP. It is a short form which stands for some abbreviations. We will discuss two most used abbreviations among all. But first, let’s know the full form of both.
• SP: Superintendent of Police
• SP: Service Provider

Now, let’s talk about both full forms one by one.

Information About Superintendent of Police (SP)

India! One of the largest and populated countries in this world. As it is a country of huge population, she needs so many forces and regiments. Police force is one of those. Police work to secure domestic safety for their people. The police force is divided into many posts to handle all the works nicely. Superintendent of Police (SP) is one of those posts. Superintendent of Police (SP) is the head of the police force of a district. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) is the head of district police, and he maintains the rank of an SP in metropolitan areas.

Superintendents of Police are mostly officers of the police service of India. They are entrusted with the responsibility and powers of maintaining order and law and related issues of a district of a state or a union territory (UT) of India. The officers of the State Police Service and other State Police officials assist SP. Superintendent of Police’s rank is equivalent to the rank of Commandant Officer (CO) in CAPF. Although in the Indian army, there is no direct equivalent for a rank of Superintendent of Police (SP).

Information About Service Provider (SP)

Any organization that provides facilities, goods or services to the public, whether for free or paid, is Service Provider (SP). It won’t be a matter to think, how large or small the organization is. It is usually an outsourced supplier or third party, including Telecommunications Service Providers (TSP), Application Service Providers (ASP), Storage Service Providers (SSP), and Internet Service Providers (ISP).
Service Providers are differentiated and recognized in three types by IT professionals. Type I, II, and III are the categorized types. All these types are specifically defined by ITIL and the US Telecommunications Act of 1996.
Type I: Internal service provider
Type II: Shared service provider
Type III: External service provider

There are some more full forms of SP. So let’s know those full forms.
• SP: Symplectic group
SP: Service Pack
SP: Singapore Polytechnic
SP: Solidarity Party
SP: Samajwadi Party
SP: Saskatchewan Party

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