SIM Full Form

SIM Full Form

As today we are living in a digital age, mobile phone became undetachable part of our day to day life and In India around 90 percent of population use mobile phone. SIM is an essential part of any mobile phone. Most people knows about it and what it is used for. But a few people knows the details behind it. In this article we will let you know how it works and how it make possible to call anyone or receive anyone’s call or browsing internet.

Information about SIM card:

The full form of SIM is Subscriber Identity Module, which is a small electronic chip used in mobile devices for communication purpose. The basic and main purpose of using any mobile device is “communication”, and this happens with the help of SIM card. It have its own unique identity as its name suggests. When we put it in any mobile, as soon as mobile starts, it starts communicating with nearest cellular tower in the form of signal with help of mobile device. It validate if the SIM is valid, if valid then it starts exchanging signal with cellular tower and we can receive and make call. When we dial any number, it connects with nearest tower and search for the dialed number, on successful search it connects to the dialed number and we can talk to that number.

We can store name, number, address etc. in it as per its capacity. We can send message to anyone with help of it. It help us to locate anyone’s location or locate the cell phone with the help of GPS.

We can categories SIM card in multiple horizon as follows:
Size:- There are four types as per its size.
1. Standard: It is the standard one and oldest form of its. With the invention of mobile, nearly all devices had standard SIM, but with the invention of new devices and shrinking size of it, other types came into the picture. It has size of 15 X 25mm.
2. Micro: This is smaller than standard one. It has size of 12 X 15mm. Device manufacturer use micro SIM slot to make the device slimmer than ever.
3. Nano: This is the smallest kind one, now a days all new smartphone come with Nano SIM slot. It has size of 8.8 X 12.3mm.
4. eSIM: This is the latest one, which is embedded inside the devices.

Technology:- There are two types as per technology:
GSM: This type of card use GSM (Global System for Mobiles) for communication.
CDMA: This type of card use CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) for communication.

Usage: There are two types as per usage:
Prepaid: In this we need to recharge first before any usage. And as we use our balance start reducing and services are stopped once balance exhausted, then we need to recharge again.
Postpaid: In this, we can usage till certain days, after that service provider send bill to user and we need to pay the bill before further use.

So these are the basic and important details about SIM card. In this modern age, we should know the details about what we are using 24X7.

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