What is the full form of Jio ?and Jio facts

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In the present time, almost every mobile user in India is a Jio subscriber. Maybe that’s why people want to know what is Jio full form. Here in this post, we will know what actually the full form of Jio but before this let’s know some important information about it. Jio was launched by India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani in 2016, and it was launched to provide cheap internet data and voice call service to Indian customer.

Full Form Of Jio-
If you are thinking that Jio’s full form is something then you are thinking completely wrong. Jio’s full form is nothing, actually, Jio itself is a full form. This is not the abbreviation or acronym of any word.
But some People think that full form of Jio then is “Joint implementation opportunities”, but in fact, it is not its full form because there is no full form of Jio.

Information of Jio that you should know-

1. After getting the Jio sim, internet data has become so cheap today, those who do not have 4G mobile have also purchased 4G mobile.

2. When did not Jio then Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, reliance Sim’s internet plan were so expensive that people had to spend between 400 and 500 rupees for 1GB, Whereas in the present, the same data is getting two to three rupees per GB.

Some Facts related to Jio-

1. Mukesh Ambani spent around 15 trillion rupees to launch this SIM, which Vodafone Airtel Idea has not done in the past 20 years.

2. You can buy Jio SIM from Aadhar card because eKYC system has been started for this.

3. Jio has installed total 90,000 LTE towers, some of which are eco-friendly towers.

4. Despite having new in the market, Jio covers about 15,000 cities and over two lakh villages.

5. When Jio was launched, it was about 5 to 10 lakh users connected daily.

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