LLB Full Form

LLB Full Form

LLB is a program which is actually the study of law and legal activities to prevent crimes and other social evils in the civilization. It is a professional bachelor degree and is offered to those who wanted to make their career in Legal profession. LLB is an undergraduate degree in-law and this program was first originated in England and then was offered in JAPAN. First of all this degree was started in the University of Paris but later on, the system was implemented at Cambridge University and the Oxford University. With the passage of time, the demand of lawyers has grown up speedily. It is a 3 years program and it makes a person a Lawyer. This degree is allowed to do in various types such as 3-years program, two years course and also the part-time degree function is available in it. Due to this availability, most of the students who wanted to change their profession or the mode of study and field came and join the LLB. In this article, I will tell you the detail about the full form of LLB.

Full form of LLB

The full form of LLB is Bachelor of Legislative Law. There are a lot’s of abbreviations about the word LLB but the main abbreviation which is directly related to the Law education and came from the Latin Language is Legum baccalaureus. But now a day the modern meaning of LLB has changed. Today the dictionary meaning of LLB is someone with a bachelor of laws degree. In India LLB full form is Bachelor of Legislative law but outside India, it’s just known as a bachelor of law.

Most of the majority knows that BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and BSc stands for Bachelor of Science. But LLB is not abbreviated in the same way and that takes it to uncertainty. Actually, it is not LLB its LL.B. The (LL.) of the abbreviation is a plural of legum because of the Latin language here plural is done this way. In Latin generally, an abbreviation is created this way by doubling the first letter for example for a plural of pages it would be written as (PP) same as like that this happens. Because in LLB student does not have to study a single law but a number of laws throughout their course that is the reason why (LL) is used twice in the abbreviation.

Besides the content in Legum baccalaureus program, the course consists of seven modules, which form the basic requirement to occupy the law degree in England and Wales. This includes criminal law, constitutional and administrational law, contract law, EU law, land law and Equity and trusts. As a part of LLB student have the opportunity to catalyze those core units with a variety of optional modules. It’s advised to have a thorough look on the course so that one may have an idea in his mind about which module should be selected. This will also help in selecting that which university would be best for you to study from.


In India first of all legal education was offered as three years bachelor degree and the eligibility requirement for these degrees was that candidate should have a bachelor degree in any subject from a recognized institution. However on suggestion Law Commission of India and by the efforts of the Bar Council of India an issue was raised that India should have to grow lawyers and institutions should be maintained for that. On this demand, later on, governing body of Legal Education in India established specialized universities solely devoted to legal education similar to Indian Institute of Technology, All India Institute of medical sciences, and Indian Institute of management to raise the academic standards of legal education in India. The first law school of India to grant a degree of Legum baccalaureus was set up in Bangalore which was named as the NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY (popularly ‘NLS’ or ‘NLSIU’).
After that various law schools were established that administer a five-year undergraduate degree program and give a bachelor degree on completion. For the period of first two years in B.A Legum baccalaureus (Hons.) program, students are taught Social Sciences (History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics) associated with B.A. Besides the standard subjects such as constitutional law, torts and contracts students also get the courses of applied sciences, physics and life sciences in this degree program. To get enrollment in the five-year program degree applicant must have the degree up to 12th standards from a recognized board present in the states of India. This degree of five-year program is the license of any person to start practice in the court of India and to give legal advice about specific cases. The whole process from enrollment of the students is managed and supervised by the Indian Bar council.


Success of a person depends upon its struggle and hardworking not upon the field he has chosen. If someone sees the new struggling Lawyers then he may find a result that it has no scope but if we consider the big names in the field then we would surely struggle to gain success and fame. Everything depends upon how you see something and how you work on it. Today India has opened gates for masterminds apart from studies. Lawyers are enabled to get the jobs in private as well as in the public sectors while state and central government jobs are also better options for doing job as a lawyer. Lawyers can also work as legal advisor and legal counselor for firms, organizations and families.

Lawyers can work in:
Private and public sector organizations
State bar councils
Indian and foreign law firms
Legal departments of foreign companies
Global audit and compliance firms
That was the brief information about the full form of LLB and if you have some questions in your mind related to LLB please do share with us.

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