What is the Full Form of ITS?

What is the Full Form of ITS?

ITS is a short form. Well, almost everyone can guess this correctly. But the thing is, do all of us knows, what does it stand for? So in this article, we are going to discuss ITS clearly. At first, let’s know the full form of ITS. Institute for Telecommunications Sciences is the full form of ITS. So without being bored, let’s start.

Full Information of ITS

The Institute began in the year 1940 as the Interservice Radio Propagation Laboratory, which later became the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory (CRPL) of the National Bureau of Standards in the United States. A new facility (Department of Commerce) was built for CRPL in Boulder, Colorado, and dedicated by President Eisenhower in September 1954. Over the past decade, ITS has expanded its historical role by conducting cooperative development and research with United States industry and academia under the provisions of the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986.

The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) performs the analysis and engineering that allows the government of United States, national and international standards organizations, and plenty of aspects of personal trade to manage the radio spectrum and make sure that innovative, new technologies are effective and recognized.

Past experience, current knowledge or data, and facilities permit the institute to resolve complicated telecommunications issues, and visually postulate the significant needs for the future. ITS is notable for pioneering work on electromagnetic wave propagation, development of measurement methods to characterize complicated signals, and predict end-to-end system performance. This government entity also provides analysis and engineering that is important to continued U.S. leadership in telecommunications technology.

As of 2009, the technical activities of institute are organized into four program areas. Those Areas are *Spectrum and Propagation Measurements *Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning *Telecommunications Engineering, Analysis, and Modeling *Telecommunications theory.
The facilities and capabilities of the institute include the following: *Audio-Visual Laboratories *Radio Spectrum Measurement Science (RSMS) Program *Public Safety RF Laboratory *Telecommunications Analysis Services *Public Safety Audio and Video Laboratories *Secure Internet *Radio Quiet Zone.
The staff of ITS has strong scientific and engineering experience and skills. The majority of employees are electronics engineers. And the rest are physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and administrative staff.

ITS describes itself as a valuable resource. Because it supports many industries, Federal agencies, and organizations all over the world. The DOC and different Federal agencies sponsor the activities and programs of the Institute. Agency sponsors that give vital enforcement include the office of Law Enforcement Standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, the National Archives, and also the National Weather Service.

In this article, we knew ITS stands for Institute for Telecommunication Sciences but there are some other abbreviations of ITS. Let’s know those.
• ITS: Intelligent Transport System
• ITS: Integrated Tertiary Software
• ITS: Instrumentation Telemetry Station
• ITS: Information and Technology Services
• ITS: Information Technology Security

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