IG Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of IG?

IG Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of IG?

There is various kind of activities and responsibilities to run a whole country. And one of the most important sectors to run a country without any trouble is making sure the protection for the population of the country. Every nation has their own security system to ensure the protection of their people. The Police force is one of the most common and important among all the security forces. Almost every country has the Police force. Their works are mainly to ensure internal security. To make sure that the police force is doing their works responsibly, they also need a chief or head. And also others posts to split the works among them. The full form of IG is Inspector General. As we know the full form of IG, the very next question arrives in our mind is what does it mean? Basically, IG is a post of police.

Full Information of IG

A 2 Star Police officer is IG in the police force or police service of several nations. In the police force of every country, there are different kind of posts with their particular works and duties. IG is one of the most respectful and so much important posts of the police force. It is usually the highest or second highest rank or post in the police force in different countries. Some of Inspectors General, the heads of the offices, are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Let’s know about the IG rank of some countries.

The British Government introduced the Indian Councils Act 1861 during the British rule in India, in 1861. The act created a new cadre of police, which was called Superior Police Services, later known as the Indian Imperial Police. The highest rank in the service was the Inspector General (IG).

IG is the second highest rank in the hierarchy. It is just below the Director General of Police (DGP) and Additional DGP. In Pakistan, the rank IG replaces with IGP. The head of policing is Inspector General of Police (IGP) in a province of Pakistan. But IGP is a three-star appointment in Pakistan, where in India, it is a two-star appointment. In Bangladesh, Inspector General of Police heads the Bangladesh Police. The Inspector General of Police is the highest rank of the Nepal Police and Armed Police Force in Nepal.

Advantages And Other Abbreviations of IG

Thus IG is not an object, it is a rank and represented by human beings. Still, we are benefited from IG. Because they instruct and control the junior officers and other departments to work properly. They are always committed to their work to save the country from various kind of threat. Inspector General’s office investigates complaints or accusation of guilt or trespass by employees or contractors that environs or give rise to fraud, waste or abuse within the programs or operations of the FCC.

Although, IG mainly stands for Inspector General. But there are some more full forms of IG.
*IG: Insert Graphic
*IG: Internal Globulin
*IG: Immature Granule

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