IAS FULL FORM- Do You Know The Full Form Of IAS?

IAS FULL FORM- Do You Know The Full Form Of IAS?

Today we are going to discuss IAS full form. As many of us know that IAS is a very dignified and reputed post. It is very difficult to qualify for IAS post. Do you know, what is the Full Form of IAS? If your answer is NO, well you are in the right place. Because we are going to discuss all the basic details about IAS in this article. So, let’s start. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service.

Information of IAS

The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative civil service employed by the Indian government. IAS was known in the British period as ICS (Indian Civil Service). This was a high civil service in India in the year 1858 to 1947. This civil service was divided into two classes mainly. Highly placed and unconvinced are the two classes. A Student has to pass a very competitive examination of Civil Services Examination organized by the Union Public Service Commission for IAS recruitment. The examination level is very high. A Student has to work hard and diligently to participate in this examination and to make some good impact on the examination.
Most of the IAS officers begin their careers as a divisional magistrate at the divisional level. They have been entrusted with the responsibility of development of the areas under the general administration and also their charge as well as maintaining the law system of the city.
Let’s know what should be the qualification to apply or sit for the examination of the IAS:

The postulant must be a citizen of India to apply for IAS.
Postulant has to be at least 21 years and maximum 35 years.
Postulate must complete at least graduation from any recognized university.

As we know IAS job is very dignified and reputed. So, it is expected that the salary will be satisfied also. Let’s discuss salary.

IAS Salary

IAS postulates have to go through a training period of 2 years and a probation period. The IAS officer gets approximately 61,000 rupees during the training period and after this, he gets the post after getting the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) post. And then the following salary is given. HRA, PF and many types of allowances are also available in addition to this. One can earn around 210,000 rupees in the top IAS post.

As they are treated with a high amount of salary, they have some serious and momentous job to their country.
IAS officers Maintain Law and Order and general administration in their working areas.
They need to handle the daily affairs of the Government.
They also function as Executive Magistrate, Chief Development Officer/District Development Commissioner.
Policy formation and decision making are also handled by them.
They Distribute funds and resources for implementing the policies.
They also travel to specific places to oversee the implementation of policies.
IAS officers ensure zero irregularities in fund allocation and management.

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