GPRS Full Form

GPRS Full Form

Today internet is an essential part of our life, and most of us using high speed internet in the form of broadband or mobile data. Today when we talk about high speed mobile data we mean it by 4G or LTE. But before this, we have only 2G and later we got 3G. Still in remote areas 2G and 3G are the only available data service and 4G is not covered on those areas. So, how 2G and 3G works, what is the backbone for those widely used services. So the answer is GPRS is the technology behind 2G and 3G internet. Today we will know the GPRS full form and details of it.

History of GPRS

GPRS full form is General Packet Radio Service. This is first data service provided over the GSM network, which works over the dedicated and circuit-switching channels for voice communication. So to use the GPRS in the GSM network you must have the compatible mobile devices or any other compatible devices. We can use it in laptops also but we need a compatible device which support GPRS and can be attached to laptops. In general a user can achieve up to 80kbps of download speed on average in a 2G network which seems to be very slow in compare to today’s 4G speed. This is different from SMS functionality I which we can only send 160 bytes of data at once. It offers a wide range of services over it for example, MMS, PoC, IM, WAP etc. If we dive into details, then we can see that it supports TCP/IP protocol, which allocate unique IP address to each cellphone or device. These compatible devices can be divided into 3 categories, Class A, Class B and Class C. A device needs corresponding APN (access Point Name) to connect to the desired services offer by GPRS. So there are different APN stored in the device for Internet, WAP, Mail, MMS etc. When we connects to internet we need to provide APN name and password supplied by network operator and then network provider assign an IP address if provided AON and password is correct. The overall speed we get is depends on various factor such as, the number of BTS and time slot available on an area, the encoding used in a channel and the capacity of device, that’s why in different area, same user can get different speed. Operator who offered the GPRS service, sold the data to the user as per the total data uses including download and upload.

So, by now you must understood GPRS full form and how it works to provide the internet service to users. Today might be that much slow internet is very irritating to the most of the users but when that was the only medium for internet, that time it was very much popular and people use with proud. As time passes and newest technology evolved, we are introduced to faster internet service and we are using 4G, LTE and talking about 5G to coming soon.

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