Do You Know The Full Form Of ETC?

Do You Know The Full Form Of ETC?

ETC as I write the word in the capital front, it is easy to guess that it will be the short form of something. Well, yes ETC stands for some abbreviations. Today we are going to discuss two very common and most used short forms among all the abbreviations of ETC.
ETC: Et cetera
ETC: Electronic Toll Collection
So, let’s clarify and discuss lengthy about those two abbreviations below.

Information About Et cetera (ETC)

Et cetera is a Latin term. Normally, it is used in the places where we want to say or write “and other things” or “and so on”. This Latin word is used at the end of a list to indicate a continuation of a list of the related items.
For example: Suppose, you are a stationary shop keeper. So, you sell pen, pencil, notebooks, eraser etc. Here, ETC allows you to avoid giving a complete list of similar items. It won’t be easy for the shopkeeper to include every item or all similar items in a sentence or a list. You need to make sure that all the listed items are similar or belong to one another in lists where you used ETC.

Information About Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC is a methodology of collection toll revenue via electronic means instead of money. The standard within the United States is an ETC methodology using RF (radio frequency) technology.

The vehicle traveling on the highway features electrical device, with a passive RF chip and antenna embedded in it, hooked up to the windshield. Commonly referred to as sticker tags because they need sturdy adhesive to stick them to the windshield.

When you register for an account with the authority, you give your data, together with your vehicle details like build, model, color, etc. Most importantly is your License Plate number. When they assign you a tag ID, it gets paired along with your account and your LP number.

When you surpass through a tolling point, the tag reader adorned above the vehicle reads the tag ID from the windshield mounted tag, pairs it with other transnational information, like images of the license plates, the number of axles, and the speed of the vehicle. This information is piled up into a transaction and processed through to the authority for review and process.

The revenue collected by the toll roads (may vary based upon the particular authority) is often used for maintenance, road construction loans, overhead (data networks, electricity etc.), policing, signage, personnel for account management, the tolling technology, etc.

A common thought regarding toll roads is that they’re tolled to pay off the loans that build them, then they will become free. That is not the case and surely never going to be. There is always a free option. So the choice is yours.

Some other abbreviations of ETC:
ETC: Electronic Theater Controls
ETC: Evil Type Correction
ETC: Experiment Test Cycle
ETC: Earth Terrain Camera
ETC: Estimated Time of Completion
ETC: Educational Training Center

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