Computer Full Form | Details of Computer

Computer Full Form | Details of Computer

Technically computer does not have a full form. Computer is derived from the word ‘Compute’, which basically means to calculate. Computer is a device that stores and manipulates information in digital form. Some people think that computer means a combination of Input-Output devices and CPU but unfortunately that is a misconception, actually, the CPU is computer. All the functions, calculations performed are done by CPU, CPU is known as ‘Brain of Computer’. Computer uses its specific languages for getting information from a user and return results. First programmable computer, that is Z1 was created by German Konrad Zuse between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and it is the first really functional modern computer.

The main PCs were utilized fundamentally for numerical computations. Any data can be numerically encoded, people took a long time to understand that PCs are fit for universally useful data handling. Their ability to deal with a lot of information has expanded the range and exactness of climate change predictions. Their speed has enabled them to settle on choices about steering phone associations through a system and to control mechanical frameworks, for example, cars, atomic reactors, and automated careful instruments. They are additionally sufficiently modest to be inserted in regular machines and to make garments dryers and rice cookers. Computers have made it possible to compare very compact objects or designs with the help of scanner as an input device such as Fingerprint comparisons.

Computer Full Form

In computer, CPU provides the circuits that implement computer’s instruction set given in its machine language. It is composed of Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU) and control circuits. It (ALU) carries out basic arithmetic and logic operations, and the control section determines the sequence of operations, including branch instructions that transfer control from one part of a program to another. Although the main memory was considered to be a part of the CPU, today it is regarded as separate. As the time has passed and further discoveries have been done nowadays CPU chips also contain some high-speed cache memory, where data and instructions are temporarily stored for fast access.

Advantages of Computer:

1. In medical department, the Machines in hospitals like X-Ray, Pathology Machine, Electrocardiograph Machine, Ventilators etc. and thousands of other machines are computerized.

2. In supermarkets computers are used to keep track of all the sales, stock, prices and the hired staff.

3. In education, computers are widely used to help students for better learning and online notes provision.

4. You can enjoy live sports and tv shows on your computer or laptop screen.

5. You can play video games for enjoyment and experience single player and multiplayer Games.

6. Computers are useful for storing a large amount of data.

7. In business, they are used to keep track of all financial and staff related activities.

Disadvantages of Computer:

1. Computer themselves do not produce any harmful substances but their productions in industries is a source of environmental pollution.

2. Data security is a big issue online as well as offline. Data can be stolen in a couple of minutes using data traveler devices.

3. Decrease in job opportunities.

4. Viruses can damage as well as take away all your hard work in a couple of minutes.

5. Long time use of computers are really harmful to human health it contains Joints pain, eyesight issues etc.

All the technologies have advantages as well as disadvantages we must use them for good purposes only.
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